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Finding Non-Serviced Office Space in London Easily

Jul 11, 2008
Conventional or non-serviced offices can offer many benefits to companies of a particular size. While the initial outlay might be greater than that of a serviced office, the running costs can prove far more cost-effective.

Non-serviced office space is likely to be beneficial for a company whose predictions for the business's growth are reasonably assured. A non-serviced lease may incur high initial outgoings, but the monthly outgoings are more likely to offer substantial savings. Other advantages that should be taken into consideration are factors such as having more favourable lease terms. For example, commercial, non-serviced leases give the tenant the right to remain in the building indefinitely in the majority of circumstances.

In addition, the pricing of the property and the associated costs is fairly clear. These leases also give tenants the bonus of being able to personalize the space to suit the needs of their business and staff; this was a factor cited by 82% of employees as the one most likely to impact upon their personal productivity. There is also a greater selection of styles and locations to choose from, when it comes to finding non-serviced offices.

For certain companies, a non-serviced office space in London is obviously a benefit, but what is the easiest way to find one?

The answer is to follow the lead set by major corporations over the last four years and hire the services of a commercial property agent. Their remit is to help you find the best space for your needs at the right price. If possible look for an agent exclusively representing tenants rather than a landlord's agent. Like a traditional estate agent, a commercial property agent works for you and as such will negotiate far harder to achieve the result you want.

Using their industry knowledge, tenant's agents can source and research potential commercial office space on a company's behalf, drawing up a short-list for examination. This short-list will usually adhere to certain requirements stipulated by the company representative overseeing the move. It is important to consider the location and style of the new office space, as this impacts both employees and the business itself; the address of a business can create a positive or negative impression on a potential client.

With commercial developments constantly reaching completion right across the capital, it is important to have someone with a good working knowledge of what is available and where. Currently there is an estimated 13.7 million square feet of commercial office space for rent in London. Employing someone to do the leg-work on your company's behalf not only allows you to continue to run your business effectively and without distraction, it also buys you important time to complete the process whilst saving your business money.

Using a commercial property agent can save time, money and stress and help a commercial relocation be completed with minimal disruption to all involved.

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