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Secret to Using Traffic Exchanges in MLM Revealed

Jul 11, 2008
There is a secret to using traffic exchanges for MLM. Many new Internet Marketers utilize Traffic Exchanges when they begin their marketing efforts. Often times they might join a certain exchange, surf it for many a couple of days, and then become frustrated and stop using them altogether. Often they don't realize that with a certain tactic, they can properly utilize traffic exchanges for MLM and reap rich rewards.

The first key to using traffic exchanges in MLM is to understand how they work. You view other peoples web sites for the privilege of them seeing yours. Now, admittedly the conversion on traffic exchanges is not high, but I will teach you a technique that will multiply the viewings of your sites by 5 times.

The second step to using traffic exchanges in MLM is to sign-up for a minimum of 5 traffic exchanges, but absolutely no more than 10 of them. I'll explain why in the next paragraph. For network marketing purposes I recommend the following exchanges: Traffic Swarm, WebBizInsider,TS25, ILoveHits, and Hit2Hit.These are a good mix of the largest exchanges (Traffic Swarm), and Web Business Exchanges (WebBizInsider). After you sign-up for the 5 exchanges, make sure your own web site URL for your MLM is registered for each exchange.

The third step in using traffic exchanges in MLM is the part where most people miss out. Now, open each exchange up in a separate browser window so that all 5 are active and you are surfing them, one tab next to another. They are all based upon timers to earn credits. Click on the 1st one, immediately go to the second one, then the third, etc. By the time you have clicked on the 5th exchange, the timer on the 1st one will have finished and will be ready to click on again ;) Do this for around 1/2 an hour a day and the visits to your site will absolutely skyrocket! See now you have quadrupled your clicks with no additional $$ or time.

The fourth step to using traffic exchanges in MLM is to upgrade your browser to Firefox. It is much more secure and quicker then Internet Explorer. It will help you toggle between each tab much faster and is much less likely to crash then IE. It even loads pages faster.

Traffic exchanges can be used in MLM; its just a matter of technique on how to use them. By signing up for 5-10 traffic exchanges, opening 5 at a time in tabs next to each other, and surfing them all at the same time you are taking maximum advantage of your time while not adding any cost at all.
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Kurt Henninger is a successful Network marketer helping average people to have extraordinary success with their online business ventures.

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