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Make Money By Writing Articles

Jul 11, 2008
Almost anyone can make extra income or residual income by writing. Of course its good if you know how to write to begin with. Sure there is software you can use and programs you can buy, but I have to wonder if buying a program and having it help you to write something, would make the content seem forced. With some of us "writers" the words just flow, there's no force, there's no trying. It just is. But if you are one of those people that love to write and you can make anything sound good, then writing articles for money just might be for you. This is a pretty easy way to make money online or offline. If you get in with the right people and the right connections you could have a full time job writing for individuals, companies, or even magazines. Or you could work as a freelancer and get paid to write articles for people. But if you just want to start immediately here are some easy steps for you to take.

Figure out what you can write about. Its good to either be knowledgeable or to be able to become knowledgeable about a topic at hand. If you don't know much about a topic, would you be able to research it, and then turn it into something that sounds less like a task and more like an interest? For example, if you know everything about technology and nothing about medical type terms, would you be able to at least research medical diseases and or cures and could you make it sound flowing, not forced?

Find some people to work for. Finding people is easy. Getting the job is the hard part. Try your local forum, job sites, freelance sites etc. Some job sites you can try: GenuineJobs, MoneyMakingMommy. Some good freelance sites: GetAFreeLancer, Scriptlance, Guru, HireAFreeLancer, Freelancer. Or check on Google for keywords relevant to freelance jobs. "Looking for freelance jobs", "Freelance writing jobs:, etc.

Write to these people and just be honest. In my experience, lying never helps. Say you lie and act like this big writer, and they want you to product 40 articles in one weeks time, or they want yo to write in depth about something you don't have knowledge about, and you research it and write the article and it sounds forced. Then what will you do? Honesty is the best policy. Try to also get an ongoing job. These are nice because you know you can count on Mr. X to pay you every week, or every month.

That's about it. Pretty easy stuff. And very capable work for a person that knows how to write, or loves to write.
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