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Make Money By Becoming A Freelancer

Jul 11, 2008
Almost anyone now a days can become a freelancer, depending on what kind of service you offer. There are article writers, blog writers, service providers, product providers etc. By becoming a freelancer you will most likely work for yourself or with someone else that you hire on as a team mate. But sometimes you can be called a freelancer, and just be an at home worker who gets hired by people to do a job. In my opinion those are two separate entities.

Because for one you choose what you will charge and people will pay you that money, and for the other you get what the buyer wants to pay you. Either of these things can be nice, because it can lead to extra income or residual income. Here are a few services you can provide to become a freelancer:

Article Writer
Blog writer
Blog reviewer
Web hosting
Web design
Web development
Back link submitter
Directory submitter
E-book writer

These are just a few of the services out there you can offer people. If you offer these services or are looking for work try your local forum, job sites, freelance sites etc. Some job sites you can try: GenuineJobs, MoneyMakingMommy. Some good freelance sites: GetAFreeLancer, Scriptlance, Guru, HireAFreeLancer, Freelancer. Or check on Google for keywords relevant to freelance jobs. "Looking for freelance jobs", "Freelance writing jobs", etc.

Try charging a FAIR fee. If your charge too much, the person is more likely to go elsewhere. Another good idea is to build yourself a web site and make yourself a portfolio on the web site showcasing the work you've done in the past. This works well with Web Developers, Web Designers, Article Writers, and Blog Writers. This website should also include any other links to any other projects or services you might be running.

Example of your a web designer, then you can make a website with a portfolio showcasing your work in web design. But If you also have a service such as web hosting, or back links, be sure to also add links to these other websites (if applicable) in your navigation menu. This isn't meant to redirect them to your other services so they forget about why they initially visited your page. This is simply to show the buyer that you do have experience in other things as well as web design. If anything this could possibly lead to more work from the buyer if they see you are also experienced in other things.

The last thing you can do to promote yourself, is write a article, nothing spectacular, about your service. So say you provide a back linking submission service. Write an article about why back linking is so important. Then send your article to places like ArticleMarketer or EzineArticles and include your main website in the "About The Author" area.
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