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Make Money By Working At Home

Jul 11, 2008
Working at home is something almost everyone is either doing or has tried, simply because its one of the easiest things to do or try now a days. And you can make extra income or even residual income by doing this. There are people that work at companies, that can now work from home and still be with their kids. There's also people that work for themselves with their own businesses, own products, own prices, own rules. And then there's other people that are doing MLM or network marketing sites. And in some instances their are people doing a multitude of different things at home to make money. I'm one of those people. I don't have just one thing I do, or one service. I do multiple things, I think that's the best way to go, if you aren't working for a company or don't work for yourself with your own business.

I only say this because if you work at home and don't have a safety net you could in fact get messed up. I don't say it because you cant make good money from one job. Its possible, people do it everyday. But I prefer to have a few safety nets in case one of my ropes break, which has happened in the past. If you are going to work at home, either find something that will assure you that safety net, or do a few things at once. Here are just few things you can do to make money while working at home.

Become a call center agent
Sell & buy domains
Search Portals
Sell products of your own
Affiliate Marketing - Sell products of someone else's
Provide web services - Web design, web development, web hosting, graphic design, banner design, SEO, SEM
Write blogs
Write articles
Write e-books
Niche Sites
Network marketing

These are just some Ive tried, but there's a lot more than this! Sometimes, some of these "jobs" are more time consuming than others. Some of them are a one time thing. It depend on who wants to buy the service really. Take article writing for example, sometimes someone might want just a few articles from you in bulk, and then your job is done. Other times you might be lucky and find ongoing work from someone that wants a few dozen articles per week. Becoming an Agent, doing search portals, or providing web services however may be a full time job for you to do. Some of these jobs involve a one step process, others involve multiple processes.

Do whats best for you and whats in your best interest. But also try to be flexible. Ive always found selling things to not be my forte. But if your a good salesperson, go for it. Do the affiliate marketing. You CAN make money from this if you know what your doing and you pick the right niche to sell. I'm a writer, and Ive learned in the process or writing articles for people that I can write about almost anything. Its because I have knowledge about a lot of things, but its also because I can research things and come up with really good content. Focus at what your good at and put all your energy into it!
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