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Things To Know About Auditioning For An Acting Gig

Jul 11, 2008
If you are an aspiring actor, there are a few things that you should know about auditioning before you go to your first audition. If you think that all there is to being an actor is having a great body and face, you are wrong. Your voice is of equal importance and will be listened to in great detail. Many people get turned down for jobs because their voice doesn't fit the part.

You need to take every opportunity to get as much involved in live performing. This will allow you to become familiar with yourself and discover how your character ingredients come across to other individuals. The deeper you take your real self into character, the more believable you become as an actor to both your audience and yourself.

You should also get into an acting school as early as possible. Acting schools are there for you to enhance and embrace other people who have what it takes to become an actor. Make sure to choose a school that is flexible with your schedule. You can find specialized schools that deal only with acting, or you can find programs at colleges and universities all across the country if you prefer to do it that way.

One huge key in landing auditions and getting into the business is by having a good agent. When looking or speaking with an agent who has sought you out, make sure that they work on commission only. Most of the time, they charge around 10 to 20% of whatever that actor earns for a particular job. Your agent should be willing to do most of the work for you to get you booked for a lot of auditions. If they are not willing to help you in any way, they are probably not the right agent for you. Make sure you do all of your homework before you get your heart set on a particular agent.

You should always have your headshot and resume one hand when you go to new auditions. It is a good idea to keep a fair amount with you at all times and keep your agent well supplied with these as well. This will give you peace of mind when heading out to new auditions every day.

If you will keep these tips and ideas in mind when you start your career, they will help you to find great success rather quickly. Remember, auditions can be brutal, work hard and always pursue new opportunities and you will have a great chance at having a good career as an actor.
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