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Building a Successful Internet Marketing Company

Jul 11, 2008
Building a successful website or internet marketing company can be a very big challenge because so many people venture into without educating themselves beforehand. So many people just spend a little bit of time learning a few of the basics and then they think they are ready to take on the virtual world. There are so many common mistakes that people make regarding search engine optimization so hopefully this article will help you to avoid them and rise to the top.

The first thing you should accept is that you are never going to have a perfectly optimized site; there is no such thing. When a search engine displays results, they are not showing the pages that are the most optimized; they are showing those that satisfy the goals of the search the best. One of the worst things you can do for your site is having your page title and H1 header be exactly the same. This is bad because then if all of your internal links and inbound links from other sites are pointing to that page then it will look very fishy to a search engine. It will appear to any search engine as though you are trying in some way to manipulate the rankings for your site. When this happens search engines start to filter out so it could actually end up really hurting you in the end.

Many people make the mistake all too often of not going through the steps to make their site more stable. To figure out exactly what you need to do in order to increase the stability you should look at it like a search engine would. There is something in the SEO world that is known as poison words. If you have things like link exchange, add URL or link partners on a given page, then you run the risk of a search engine placing much less weight on that particular page and all of its outbound links. Placing less weight refers the relevancy within a search so this is definitely not a good thing. Years ago there were actual poison words, but now that term refers more to content that is of a lower quality or is related to spam because this makes it more likely to be deweighted. A good rule of thumb to remember in search engine optimization is that you will almost always be penalized for anything that is related to spam.
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