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What Would The World Be Without Recruitment Software?

Jul 11, 2008
The vast array of recruitment software packages on the market today can help businesses reduce the time spent on administration and help to make the recruitment process easier. Fundamentally there are three predominant forms of recruitment software available. The most popular is an all encompassing system that incorporates the functions of the other two variants.

Divided into categories the functions carried out by these software systems include front office tasks, vacancy listings, payroll information and invoicing provisions. While the two varieties may be able to work in conjunction with your existing software, for a complete solution it is more advisable to follow the all in one path.

The software predominantly utilises a database that stores information on business interests such as client information, candidate details and vacancy listings. The software should help recruitment by organising this information into fields that are easy to use and above all, efficient. If the organisation of the fields is carried out with a bespoke methodology a database containing all of the relevant information to your business will be presentable in a logical manner and accessible in a matter of seconds.

The software is especially useful for companies that recruit temporary staff members and have a high turn over of temps in any annual period. Recruitment agencies can use the software to have an advanced cross referencing system that lists candidates, there skills and attributes and the jobs that they may be suited to. It can also hold information on candidates current work situation and information such as how far they are willing to travel to find work. While recruitment agencies in the past had to do this along the lines of complex filling systems, the right piece of software can organise this information rapidly and with the minimum of effort.

This type of software should also allow for relevant documents to be stored with the client's name. Such documents could be a CV and even proof of eligibility to work in this country. Advanced systems are even incorporating communication into their functions, in some cases agencies are able to send emails or text messages to potential candidates on any jobs that arise automatically, further reducing the workload of the recruiter. With the use of such a system, all candidates that are viable can be contacted instantaneously meaning that the employer is given a list of possible applicants quickly, meaning the position is filled that much faster.

If the software has back office functions the task of paying temporary workers can also be automated. Naturally the temps will still have to produce worksheets for the week but once these are entered into the system, automatic payments can be made and wage slips printed out for postage. This type of function is also useful for businesses not in the recruitment industry. Those with large staffs can set the system up so the monthly payments to employees are made promptly and in full. In addition having detailed records of these payments can also help if any pay disputes arise.

There is little doubt that recruitment software and business software in general has made running a company easier. These types of systems have taken much of the legwork out of managing staff and wages and hence made life easier for managers. Without them the world of business would be a far more complicated place.
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Technology expert Thomas Pretty looks into the benefits that a recruitment software package can provide for business managers.
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