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How To Become An Actor The Right Way

Jul 11, 2008
Do you want to become a professional actor? If you do, you have probably heard it many times over again. This usually comes from someone close to you and loves you, most likely, your parents and close relatives. They are really sorry, but they don't want their child wasting years trying to make something happen that just isn't in their future.

Receiving this kind of negativity from family members and friends does two things to a person. One, it will discourage the individuals from every trying at all. Or, two, they will always be thinking those negative thoughts and whatever they try to do will be tainted with negativity and they will fail over and over again.

The first and most important thing that you must do to become a successful actor is working on getting the idea out of your head that you can't do it. Anyone who really wants to and has the drive and desire to become an actor can find a place in the acting world.

Another big thing that holds people back from becoming an actor is the fact that they don't understand or know anything about the business side of acting. Many schools and programs just teach you how to be an actor, not how to get consistent work and make a living as an actor.

Acting is just like any other profession. You need to be proactive to make things happen. The top sales person at any given company didn't do that by sitting at home all day watching tv. They did it by pursuing leads and creating business for themselves. It is the same with acting; you will never get discovered unless you are actively seeking out opportunities.

Another thing that discourages people from becoming actors is the myth that there are way too many actors in the industry and way too many trying to currently get in. You might also think that you need to know someone in the industry to have an in. Every actor has their only style of acting and they will tend to get those types of jobs. The industry isn't as competitive as you might think at first.

If you take a step back and look at every industry, there is competition. Even if you look at Wal-Mart or Target, there is competition for the positions that are open at those stores. Yes, there is competition, but if you are willing to work hard and keep pressing on during the tough times, you will find success in the acting industry.
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