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How to Pick the Right Broadband Connection

Jul 11, 2008
When you are considering whether a broadband Internet connection is right for you, it is important that you evaluate many things. Price is only one of them.

First, when making your choice about broadband ISPs, you have to find which service providers operate in your area. Some areas have far more companies to choose from, such as major metropolitan areas. Some areas are so remote or have so few providers that, if you insist on having cable for your choice of broadband, you'll have to go with whatever the one company offers you, and you may have to get a DSL connection if you live rustically enough.

Once you have passed the availability test, the next comes from a careful evaluation of the many programs to select from. The simple starting point here is to decide if you are looking for a connection for you and your family to use or if you want service for a business. As an example, companies like Verzion and Verzon also offer to their customers, telephone and cable television services. In addition, some packages allow you to save when you order all three services. Companies like Verzion have plans for basic internet service also.

There are different payment plans, too. Pretty much across the board, broadband providers offer you savings in the long run if you pay in advance for six months or a full year instead of paying month by month. They do this because they aren't risking losing your business as much as they are with a month-to-month plan, and they aren't risking your defaulting on payments. The down side to paying in advance is that you have to have all the cash up front and you may get locked into a contract that you cannot get out of without a payment penalty.

On a positive note, the fact that web browsing with the old school dial-up connections are so outdated, just about all the major service providers have kept up with the latest trends in fiber optics and satellite technology. Today, not only can your computer reach speeds equivalent to 100 m.ph. on the highway, but so can your cell phone. The web surfer's new mantra is now, long live broadband.

Also, as you are researching the many different service options, remember that in order to get the most effective service, you must own a computer that is modern enough to handle the new and advancing technology. If you have a system that is using at least Windows 98 or a newer version, you should have no trouble getting a quality broadband connection.
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