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There Are no Great Secrets to Marketing a Website or Blog

Jul 11, 2008
There are no great secrets to marketing a Website or Blog; it just takes planning, dedication and time. When you start marketing your project try to do something new every day.

Planning: Try to write down an action plan for your marketing, for the first year, break it down to a 3 monthly cycle. For instance which directories will you submit to and how much you are willing to spend in those first three months. What are your targets for each three month period?

Create your action plan and don't deviate from it but add to it. Research everything, the internet is massive and everything you want is only a few clicks away.

Dedication: It has been said that if you do something for twenty one days in a row it becomes a habit, marketing is a great habit to get in to. Marketing comes in many forms even visiting your competitor's websites or blogs, what are they doing that makes them successful? At the beginning of website or blog promotion everybody throws themselves into it and slowly but surely many give up. Never give up, the new seeds you sow will be sure to grow at some stage and these seeds you grow may give you a great harvest

Your initial steps of marketing a website has to be SEO or Optimization of your web pages, you have to put in good concrete foundations to start with. Start with the basics and as you learn more about SEO improve your pages accordingly. Remember delegation is a great tool; if you cannot accomplish a task hire someone who can. Many millionaires always delegate they may not have the necessary skills themselves to solve problems or remedy an error but they can always find someone who can.

Time: As the saying goes, time is a great healer. I have had many websites that I have nearly given up on, nothing I tried seemed to work and then just as if by magic I get a page rank 6 overnight and my traffic has increased dramatically. If you are planning an email campaign do not give up at the first attempt always plan to repeat your email time and time again. Many people never buy anything from the first email they receive, however, if you put this offer in front of them again then you will have that winning formula.

Here are a few suggestions you may want to try for your marketing plan, Traffic Exchanges, Safe lists, Free
For All's (FFA's), Free Classified Sites, Signature Files and email list exchanges.

Email blasters or Traffic Blasters I have never used but some people swear by them.

Here are some more ideas purchasing leads or subscribers to your email list, Double Opt-in, Free Classifieds is another great resource to use.

There are in fact endless ideas for you to try, but remember do some sort of marketing every day, get yourself into a daily routine. Any sort of marketing as long as it is legal is good marketing.
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