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Adding a Social Networking Soloution to your Website

Jul 11, 2008
Many people today are developing their own social networking website or integrating social networking into their existing website. Social networking is increasingly popular, with the biggest social networking websites boasting user bases in the millions. While most people have smaller goals when it comes to their social networking plans, it is possible to create your very own successful social networking website.

There are many reasons why you would want to build a social networking website or add one to your existing website. If you have a company or group that would benefit from a virtual pace to hangout, communicate, and share ideas, content, and files then social networking is a great solution. You may also want to integrate social networking into your existing website to drive more traffic and expand your user base. Whatever your reason, there are many social networking software platforms that can help you achieve your goals.

There are many social networking software solutions that allow users to create their own social networking website either independently or in conjunction with an existing website. Some allow you to use a unique URL for free for your social network which adds to its customization. Others offer a few different plans and in order to get a free URL you must register the domain name with their company.

Most social networking software solutions offer a wide range of features and functionality that you would expect from a main stream social network and also offer many options for customization. With a little technical knowledge it is relatively easy to fully customize your own social network and even integrate it into your existing website. You also have the option to pay designers to create the perfect social networking add-on for your website.

Some platforms offer a dependable solution, many features, and great design potential, however, some are a bit pricy compared to other social networking software platforms and have limited user space. Most do have a free solution but you may have to register and pay for a domain through their company and might be subject to a limited amount of users on your network. If you need a social networking website that can accommodate a lot of users and features, you may have to pay upwards of $200 a month for a solution that fits your website perfectly.

If you need technical help setting up your social network you may also have to pay a pretty penny. Some social networking platforms include design by a professional but can cost $2,500 a month or more. If you have a large budget to work with this may be an option, otherwise you will have to go with a lower priced platform for your website.
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