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How Do You Close Your Prospects?

Jul 11, 2008
There are two ways that you can close sales in todays market place and they are the Guided way and the voluntary way.

Using the guided close takes place during direct, person-to-person conversation whether it is over the phone or at the end of a meeting.

Your right there in conversation with your prospect and it is decision time. Your prospects have gone through a presentation, and now it is your turn to go for the sale and close the deal.

The majority of the leaders in MLM and Network Marketing have mastered this completely. They have a response for every objection. They have their prospects desires, wishes and emotional triggers listed down for reference of which they acquired from the previous interview with their prospect.

Now they guide their prospect down the sales path that leads to a purchase. If the net - worker is skilled at the guided close, that particular prospect is going to buy today whether they want to or not. Most of these net workers are extremely talented sales people and are normally the top producers in their network marketing company.

The second approach is the voluntary close, where the prospect sells them selves and makes the decision to purchase the product on their own. Both the guided close and the voluntary close use salesmanship and influence but the primary difference between the two is that the prospect is not put on the spot to make a decision by the sponsor directly on a phone call or at a meeting.

Many times during a guided sale, the prospect is buying for the wrong reason and it is because they give into the sales pressure which always leads to buyers remorse shortly after the sale. A phrase used for this instance is A person convinced against their will is of the same opinion still.

With the voluntary purchase you do not want to convince the prospect to buy, you want them to convince themselves to buy and then voluntarily make the purchase when the time is right for them. Once they make their choice, it will be harder for them to have a remorseful feeling because they made their decision and it was their idea to do so.

Now the voluntary approach does not mean that you are going to just act all nice and sweet and not go for the sale because you still are going to sell the heck out of them. But you are going to do it indirectly through marketing tools instead of direct personal pressure.

You want to use that drip-drip-drip marketing process over time that allows your prospects head and heart come together and make a fully committed decision about making the sale. This method of marketing could be with a new piece of great content every few days or so whether it is through email, a letter, a website, a post card or what ever other means you can use to get back in front of your customer.

Personally, I prefer the voluntary method in closing my sales as it just seems to be more consistent to my ideology on sales of letting the customer make the decision and that way if he is not happy down the road, then it was his decision to close the sale and was not from any pressure put on by me. That keeps our relationship still in good tack and lease open the possibility for a future sale down the road.
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