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Give Your Network Marketing Plans a Boost With Social Networking

Jul 12, 2008
The internet and the technologies that the internet has made available to everyone has really given MLM a massive shot in the arm. Social Networking is the booster shot that has proven to be even more effective at helping people market their product than ever before.

Most people when they hear about MLM will tell you horror stories about how they quit their job and failed at MLM. They will try and try and try and keep failing despite heaps of advice from their upline!

If strategies like the name list, the 3 foot rule and cold calls are all tried and tested, why do they fail for so many people? The reason is very simple, most people don not want to be looked upon as a pushy pest and hence stop trying after one attempt! Others are just totally broken down by the responses that come in from people, some people just cannot handle rejection. Has this happened to you?

Do you think the market is as saturated as some people say? Do you think it is just impossible to convince and recruit newer people into the business? The great thing is that you have got the opportunity to experience a completely refreshing change from the current model of business as usual.

Web 2.0 and social networking

It is a pretty well known fact that the market would be totally saturated if it was not for the arrival of the internet. Now the internet post web 2.0 has become one of the most massive and cheapest marketing mediums available on the planet.

Social networking has become a must have technique for all major businesses and it makes network marketing an absolute breeze. Social networking consists of several online apps and systems like myspace, facebook, squidoo, digg, youtube, flickr and many, many others.

You can use all of these different sites and apps to really maximize the potential of your network market! About a third of all internet users have a myspace account. That is a mind-boggling number of people.

If you can even tap into 2% of that customer base you are talking serious, serious business. Social networking is currently going through a massive boom and the next two years promise to take it even further.

Use it with traditional methods and network marketing

Whilst social network marketing might bring out a whole massive wave of opportunities, it is in no way a replacement for traditional direct selling methods.

It is a great add on method when you combine it with traditional methods. Just bring internet marketing into the business and you will be able to promote your business and really maximize your target customer base.

It is easy, free and cheap

If all of this is new to you and you would love to include them in your network marketing plans, then all you need to do is search for social network marketing in google.

You will find hundreds of resources that will outline the basics of using all of these services. There is a huge amount of top quality information floating around on the internet for free. Another great thing to do is asp your up line for help on using all these techniques.

Whatever you do, never ignore the power of social network marketing. This is where all of the action is going to be in the future and it is going to be the biggest shot in the arm to network marketing since the advent of the internet.

Commit yourself to using intelligent social network marketing and be totally blown away by the change it can bring to your MLM plans.
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