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Too Good To Be True?....scam

Jul 12, 2008
Home business opportunity scams abound in this slow economy. Having recently become a victim of such a scam due to desperation of being out of work for eight months, I took a leap of faith and researched many of the \"business opportunities\" listed on several job sites.

The common Home business opportunity scams are those of data entry jobs or taking diet orders. They look so promising on their website about the large amounts of money you can make. Many offer money back guarantees. This was what sucked me in. I though what could it hurt to give it a try. I can always get a refund.

I spent days researching several ones. I focused one those that did not sell just the software to show you how to make money at home. But actually stated that I was working for them and all I had to do was go to their website and pull data to enter into forms. Sounded easy enough.

Again, there was the guarantee. If I wasnt happy, Id get all of my money back and besides, I was also getting a special deal since I was one of the first 100 people to respond. What I got versus what was promised was completely different. I had no longer entered my personal information, including my credit card data, when I realized Id become a statistic: Id been scammed.

My job was to promote credit cards on a website that I was to enter into hundreds of search engines and through other online media. I hadnt been told that before, nor had I been told I had to apply for several credit cards and that only after I was approved for them would I get paid $20 for each of them. Even that turned out to be elusive since I had to earn $500 first.

I couldnt get paid until Id provided leads. There was always another reason why I couldnt yet get paid and no way to really get answers since they didnt provide a telephone number or online helpjust an email address that was usually ignored (or it replied with generic, automated messages that werent applicable).

I repeatedly requested a refund to no avail and finally tried to call the number that was on my credit card bill. It was based in Australia and the voicemail requested to leave a message and someone would get back to me. This never happened as well. I ended up filing a fraud complaint with my credit card company and currently await a credit to my account.

I am utterly humiliated to have fallen for such a con. I am college educated with several degrees. Desperation will cloud one's mind and lower defenses. I have no problem working hard for my money and did not count on it being \"easy\" money. I just assumed you only would make as much as hard as you worked whether it was three hours a day to 10 hours. I write this to remind others as well as myself the sound advice that if it looks to good to be true it most likely is.
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