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The Truth About EDC Gold

Jul 12, 2008
If you're looking at the EDC online business and you're trying to find some factual information to help determine if they're claims are legitimate, I'd like to break down the business and provide an unbiased opinion of the Easy Daily Cash business.

Let's start at the beginning. EDC is a direct sales company that offers its members access to all sorts of ebooks and computer software. Their big pitch is that you can make money by reselling any of their software, which supposedly amounts to more than $100,000 worth of products. In reality, if you take a close look at this software (there's a lot), you should notice that a lot of it is useless to you as a business owner, and holds no value in helping you to build your business.

The truth of the matter is that almost ALL commissions with EDC are earned by RESELLING THE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. Almost none of the top earners make their thousands from selling the products and software. They make their profits from getting others to join the business. In essence, they're selling the "dream" and are reliant on the hype of a get rich quick program. The sales page does a great job at painting a picture for the viewer by making big claims, throwing out big numbers and suggesting high potential. Your only real job will be getting others to buy into the idea of making lots of money with EDC.

The real money is in learning to market online, and truly knowing how to use the internet to your advantage. I'd like to switch gears for a moment and talk about a different opportunity that holds the same principles as EDC but focuses on EDUCATION, not hype. It's called the wealth funnel system, and it offers the very same opportunity for a substantial income, but the actual "product" is MUCH more valuable. The wealth funnel system offers only 7 different streams of income, with the first being focused on teaching members how to PROPERLY market online. If you know how to use the internet like the professionals do, your success is guaranteed no matter what you're selling. The fortune is in the skill set.

Rather than buying into the claims and immediately thinking about what you're gonna purchase with all of the money you plan to make, take a second to think and don't count your chickens before they hatch. If you intend to be financially free, you're going to need a stream of income coming to you for the next 20, 30, maybe 50 years. Can EDC provide you with that? Will these products be of any value by that time? You need to be determining if EDC can "make" you money, or "teach" you to make money. The Wealth Funnel System can help you with that.

For more information on the Wealth Funnel System and Derrick Harper's business opportunity, feel free to follow my links. I hope this article is of some use to you in your search for the right home based business.

Wishing you the best, Joe Marquez
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