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Meeting Planning Tips: Meet With More Success

Jul 12, 2008
Do you have trouble getting your colleagues together for a meeting? This article is designed to provide you with some useful meeting planning tips that will help you coordinate and organize successful, effective meetings. Specifics may vary from person to person; however, the following information includes helpful and important guidelines from which everyone can benefit.

Attending meetings is a way of life in almost every business, large and small. Perhaps you conduct a number of different meetings in a typical work week, or maybe you attend very few meetings yourself but yet, its part of your job to help plan and coordinate upcoming meetings for your boss.

To follow are several meeting planning tips that will assist you in making business meetings more successful:

Meeting Planning Tip #1: Establish a place to meet and make sure everyone's informed. It doesn't matter whether the meeting will be held in someone's office, a large conference room, or offsite...one of the most important things you can do, and certainly one of the most obvious, is to make sure that you pick a meeting location that will be available and will accommodate all attendees. If it's a conference room, chances are it may need to be reserved in advance. Also, once you have the meeting location and date confirmed, be certain that all attendees are notified of the exact date and starting time of the meeting via email or memo.

Meeting Planning Tip #2: Prepare an outline. Everyone in business is extremely busy, so its important to have a game plan of the meetings agenda in advance, helping to ensure that time spent at the meeting is spent well. Taking a few moments ahead of time to prepare an outline will provide you (or your boss) with a working script that can help make the meeting proceed more smoothly and more efficiently. The outline should include each of the following: an overview of what will be discussed at the meeting, how long the meeting is expected to last, and a timeframe for each item on the meeting agenda.

Meeting Planning Tip #3: Create take-aways. Successful business meetings often include printed documents that attendees can refer to during the meeting and then take away from the meeting. These documents drive home the key points discussed at the meeting, helping to reinforce important ideas.

Meeting Planning Tip #4: Arrange to have any electronic equipment you may require. Overhead projectors, multi-media presentation systems and other electronic bells and whistles can add immensely to the impact and success of your meeting. Determine well in advance of your meeting what equipment will be needed, reserve it to ensure availability, and also make certain it is in good working order.

Meeting Planning Tip #5: Use the right products to enhance presentations. Another aspect of planning for a successful meeting involves being able to present ideas with the most impact possible. Oxford brand offers a wide range of portfolios, report covers and other innovative, high quality presentation products that will add a finishing touch to documents and help make a great impression at every business meeting.
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