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Year-End Preparation Tips: Preparing Your Office for the End of the Year

Jul 12, 2008
Do you need help preparing your office for the end of the year? This article is designed to provide you with year-end preparation tips that will save you time and the headaches it can cause. Specifics may vary from person to person; however, the following information includes helpful and important guidelines from which everyone can benefit.

Just about every company faces it every year, and it doesn't seem to get any easier as each year passes...the annual purging of current years files, transferring them to archive, and making room for next years files. If you have a bad filing system to begin with, this process can be even worse.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your office is to be prepared for the end of the year. Take a proactive approach and don't wait until the last minute!

To follow are 4 year-end preparation tips that could help avoid some headaches:

Year-End Preparation Tip #1: Make a list.
Instead of diving head-first into the file drawers and haphazardly yanking out all the folders you want to transfer, first write down those files that you will need to move into storage. For instance, if you know you are moving the current year's customer files to an archive area, put them on the list. Same goes for invoices, or purchase orders or anything else that has to be transferred to storage. Having a written overview to work from will allow you to go about the task of transferring year-end files much more efficiently and productively overall.

Year-End Preparation Tip #2: Invest in some boxes designed for file storage.
Many people simply throw their outdated files into any old box, or worse, they throw them into a corner of a closet. What happens if you need to look something up at a later date? Try corrugated storage files specifically designed for file transferring. These boxes usually come preprinted on the front with grids for identifying the contents, plus, they're made of sturdy material that will help protect your files.

Year-End Preparation Tip #3: Toss a few things away.
Obviously you have to use proper judgment, but the fact is, not every piece of paper needs to be transferred into storage and saved. The few minutes you'll spend going through papers and deciding what can be tossed will be well worth the effort because in the long run, you'll be saving space in your storage area that you might need for future years records. Don't get carried away, however! Once you start throwing things away, it's easy to just keep transferring them right into the garbage. You might save time now, but you might regret it later!

Year-End Preparation Tips #4: Allow room for last-minute additions.
When filling your storage files with folders that need to be transferred out of the current file drawer, be careful not to fill each storage box to the very limit. Chances are you'll come across another folder or two...perhaps a whole bunch of folders...that you missed the first time and that also need to be transferred into storage.
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Sharon Mann is President of the I Hate Filing Club, a group of nearly 100,000 office professionals who hate filing but love finding new ways to become more organized. For information about year-end preparation and filing tips, visit our website.
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