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How To Use Articles To Give Your Visitors What They Are Looking For

Aug 17, 2007
If you are an internet business or site, or even just someone who uses the internet a lot you know that a site needs well written articles. These articles provide the information people are looking for, and you want give them what they want.

Key Words

The first problem is that when writing an article you need to make sure there are enough key words and phrases in the article to link it to your site. The more keywords you have the higher you will show up on a search, and the more traffic you will attract to your site. Making sure you have enough of these key words and phrases is not always easy.

New Information

Next you need to make sure you keep updating your articles to keep up with the competition. These new articles will attract new people, or even the same people who are looking for more or different information.

Different Information

Plagiarism and copying are also not good ideas. First this could get you in a lot of trouble, which is something you want to avoid. Second, this could mean that you and your competition have the same information on your site.


If you are like most website owners you have other things you would rather be doing than writing articles all the time. If you have enough money you can just hire someone to write your articles for you, but not everyone can afford to do this. Hiring someone to write for you will free up your time, and be a worth while investment. Remember well written articles attract traffic which creates sales.

Free Articles

There are some other options for those who can not afford to hire someone to write for them.
One option you have available is to allow sites submit articles to your site for free. The problem with this is that the article would have a resource box that will link people to their site. This would be a good way to fill supplement the articles you already have.

Another option you have is to use free articles in the public domain. These articles are for public use, and you can use them as you please. Once again your competition also has access to these articles and may use them on their site. Having different information than your competition will help you keep and attract traffic flow to your site. You may think about getting these articles and taking the time to rewrite them so that they are what you need. This would also ensure that your article is different than everyone else's article.

The best way to attract people is to write original articles. You may want to look into hiring a freelance or part-time article writer to write articles for you. This is usually a more cost efficient way to go, and you still get quality articles for you site. No matter which way you choose, remember that the investment into your articles is well worth it.
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