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Time Management In A World Short Of Time

Jul 12, 2008
There are some things in life that are far more important than others. You may value your car and your home may be your most valuable investment. Your friends and family are dear to you but the most valuable thing is the time you have on this earth. Without that time to enjoy what is available nothing is of value.

You can work all your life and become rich and successful but if you never learn to appreciate your time then when time begins to run out you may well look back and wonder why you wasted so much time worrying about money, wealth and possessions. When time runs out they all become valueless to you.

We have all sat and watched a TV program and after maybe an hour thought, 'Why did I waste my time watching that?' Doing that once is understandable but many of us do it night after night and week after week. With our time so limited surely we can make better use of our time than to throw it away like that?

The benefits of time are so obvious that we hardly give it a thought. Time enables you to enjoy spending time with your family and is swallowed up in large amounts by having to work to feed your family and that is a wonderful thing to be able to do but do you want to spend large portions of your limited time to buy a new TV or get the latest gadget?

When we are trying to decide what we want in life and where we see oursleves in the future how much time do we spend thinking about time? We compromise constantly and don't do the things we want to do because we have limited time and do the things we have to do. How much time do you spend working just to buy a new car. You have to decide if that is the best way to use the time you have.

We all need to pay more attention to time. Modern life is full of meaningless distractions that offer short term excitement but lack long term satisfaction yet we are using up our time allowance on them. Time management is not just about business. It applies to our personal lives too.

Managing your time is so useful a skill that it can make the difference between you leading a happy contented life and one where you never have time to yourself and you feel pushed from pillar to post as you rush around in circles never getting things done.

Time management is generally thought of as men in white coats watching your every move to see if they can get more productive work out of you. Just imagine if you had someone doing something similar in your personal life only this time you were the one to benefit from the extra time made available for you to spend with your family.
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In a world short of time we could all do with Learning Time Management and applying it in our lives. You can read more about this and get a free excerpt from a book full of tips at www.learningtimemanagement.com
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