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How To Make Money From Your Blog

Jul 12, 2008
When thinking about making money online have you ever considered blogging. If not you should as it is one of the easiest most honest ways of making an online living. Blogging in itself is not an online business, but is an excellent promotional tool to monetize ads and affiliate products.

If you are not familiar with blogging or how it works let me give you a brief insight. Blogging is basically a website which allows you to update info regularly and easily. You dont need any real computer know how, all you need to know how to do is type and best of all it is free to set up, Blogger and Wordpress being the most popular platforms.

Your probably asking yourself what you should blog about and how it will drive visitors to your site. Well, search your mind a little bit, is there anything you are skilled in anything you love or have an extensive knowledge about. These are the kind of things you should be blogging about, something you could update and refresh on a regular basis.

As you write more and more material you will drive more and more visitors to your site. If you have created an interesting blog some will become regular readers and check back for updates. When you start to gain a strong following you can then turn your hard work into money. You must continue to write but you can now also ad advertisements to your blog, such as google adsense which will create ads on your blog which will be in line with your content. When anybody clicks on your ads you will receive money. You can also use your site to push affiliate products which are in line with your topic.

One of the best ways of monetizing your blog is to capture your readers email addresses. For example if your writing about affiliate marketing and you have built up a list of 1000 email addresses, you can email products that your readers maybe interested in. Normal mail lists create around 1 dollar per click. How does 1000 dollars sound at the click of a button.

I honestly believe everyone should have a blog and be using it to make a full time or part time income. The problem is it is not an overnight money maker. It may take 3 months to see any real cash, but the results in the long term are amazing. One final word of warning, make sure there is a demand for your topic, if not you will be writing for nobody and will not make money from your blog.
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Tim Grice has been working online for 10 years and has expertise in running online businesses and self improvement . If you interested in finding out how to make money blogging visit http://timgrice.blogspot.com .
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