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Top Tips On Building A Good Team Working Environment

Jul 12, 2008
Ever wondered why rival companies are successful at what they do? Have you noticed that these companies usually have teams of people smiling and staying happy? Those who have had experience working in companies like these will know firsthand that these kinds of working environment generally have a strong team and all of whom are keen to work together to produce successful financial results.

To stay on top of the business world, one must assess every avenue of their business. One of the most important aspects of this is building a strong team working environment, without this it is difficult for people to work together and see positive results. There are ways in which companies create a good team working force, each individual company have their own methods but overall they work along the same following principles.

The first thing to remember when instigating a new or improved team working environment, is to be clear in stating the goals and objective. Explain why this team has been created, what their role in the company is and what is expected of them. This is something that will need to be demonstrated consistently as it requires constant supervision and monitoring. Without monitoring how this works there is no way of knowing whether the changes or improvements are having a positive or negative effect. Furthermore, management need to provide their time, support and resources to make this work well.

The next thing to establish is how to make the team, work well together. Building a team is one thing, having them work well together is another. Making plans, putting forward ideas and decision-making are all much more effective in producing results if other people are collaborating. It is good to appoint one person as team leader, instigate ways in which the team can work together in solving problems and allow them to focus on the project. This way each team member will be able to use their ability on finding good business solutions.

Once you have established a good team and are monitoring their progress, be sure to praise their efforts and any positive results (big or small) publicly. This way the team will feel appreciated and feel that their efforts are not wasted. You will find that the rapport between the team members will improve and this will boost their confidence when working on a specific project. People who are comfortable in their work environment will generally produce positive results.

Another thing to remember is that in order to keep the team working well together, it is a good idea to treat them to the odd lunch or team night out. This will help them all to relax with each other, encourage good communication between each other and make the office atmosphere noticeably more pleasant.
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Anna Stenning is an expert on creating a good team working environment in the office, having worked in places that focussed on team building and training.
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