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Get More Traffic to Your Site with Internet Marketing

Jul 12, 2008
Anyone who has a website will want other people to look at it, otherwise why set a website in the first place? This is even more important if you have a website that you can make money from, either by selling goods or offering a service or services to others as without visitors to the site no purchases will be made and it will not be profitable. Using internet marketing is the best way in which to drive the much needed traffic towards your website.

Internet marketing is not just one or two methods used on a website in order for it to (hopefully) achieve high rankings on search engines but it is a comprehensive strategy that will market a website effectively. Before you can employ any kind of internet marketing tactics you firstly need to decide what the aim of your website is. For instance, if you have goods or services to sell the aim of the website is to generate interested visitors that will make purchases and return to do this time and time again.

If you are selling a certain type of service or product you will have an idea of the kind of person that would buy what you have to offer. So if you were selling rock music DVDs you would have an idea of the type of person that you would be selling to and tailor your internet marketing accordingly to reach the maximum number of rock music fans it could. One way of doing this is to bid on keywords relating to that topic and using pay per click ads for this keyword.

This is one form of internet marketing that can be highly profitable, but it does cost money each time a visitor clicks through your advert.

If you don't have the funds to use pay per click internet marketing you could use links in order to market your website. Links can be placed on other websites that will direct visitors to your website with the aim of the visitor making a purchase. In order for links to be profitable for you they must be of a good quality and be relevant, you must also include links to other sites (reciprocal links) as this will get both sites traffic and keep the links open.

Maybe you would prefer to use keywords in the content of your website as this is an excellent method of internet marketing. Keywords are the words that are most used in searches for certain topics and you can find out what these are by using different tools that are online. Once you have found out these keywords they can then be incorporated into your website's content. However there is a drawback to using keywords and that is if you use keywords too many times in the content. It is thought that the best density for keywords on a website is between 2-5%, so for a density of 3% a keyword should be used 3 times in every 100 words. If you use keywords more than this your website will be seen as being guilty of keyword stuffing and this could result in your website being removed from search engines. If you cannot write content to a certain density you could always employ someone to specifically do this for you.

As shown there are different ways of using internet marketing, and there are many more that can be used to improve your websites ranking. However as with any method of marketing it is always best for your internet marketing to be ethical or it can have the opposite effect for your website.
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