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Writing Articles at the Speed of Sound

Jul 12, 2008
You may have heard article writing is one of the fastest ways to make money online. Well... it is, but taking hours to write a few articles really turn you off?

Stay with me here, soon I will tell you my secret to writing articles so you it will make your head spin.

Article writing has exploded in the internet marketing area the last couple of years. It will create a huge wave of traffic to any website you choose is one of the main reasons.

I'm not here to go into detail all the ways article writing can help you make money at home. I am here to tell you how to write articles at the speed of sound. If you want to know more about all the ways it helps with your marketing, simply sign up for my 3 day e-course below.

When writing articles first you need to pick what keywords to use. Then go search for article directories. All you do then is search inside your favorite directories for the keyword or keywords you are using.

Then, find two or three articles you like for that keyword and print them out. Pick out parts you like out of each and put them in your own words. Be sure to make your own good title.

Hold your horses, I haven't told you the fast secret yet.

All you need to do to write articles at the speed of sound it dictate them to a speech to text program. It will do all of the writing in one third of the time.

This is going to save you countless hours with your article work.

I have used Dragon Naturally Speaking, the most popular program available and it turned out great. Then when I bought a new computer with Widows Vista on it, a speech to text program was already built in.

Just do a search for speech to text in your Vista search, you will easily find it.

Both programs take awhile to set up, but don't let this get you down. Look at the big picture, how many countless hours you will save later article writing.

You may never get them to be 100% but a few touch ups is well worth it when you are pumping out articles in three times faster.

And the more you use the programs the better they respond and recognize your voice commands.

Now you can be the fastest gun in the West writing articles to promote any website of your choice. You should have no problems dominating your chosen keywords if you pump out enough quality articles.

I like to share anything that can help people make their online businesses faster and more productive. If you know anyone that would be interested in this tip please feel free to send them a copy of this article.

With millions of people on the internet every day, I think there is enough room for all of us internet entrepreneurs to share the wealth.
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