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The Secrets of Seo for Non Profits

Jul 12, 2008
One of the best ways to utilize existing advertising tactics on the internet is to use SEO articles. SEO is the best way to get cheap advertising for your website. If you are a non profit organization, you can see a great return on SEO advertising in a matter of days.

The best part about a non profit organization is that you are giving back to a group or community. You have to heart in the right place, but there just may not be the funds available that you need to spread the word of your organization. If you fall into this category and your marketing budget is very low, you can utilize SEO strategies in order to bring visitors to your site and get the word our about the good work you and your organization are doing.

If you have a great website with excellent content and still no visitors, you will want pay attention to the pagerank you are getting. This will tell you how often your website is showing up on search engines. If it is low, then you know that you have some work to do. SEO can cost money, but there are also ways that you can get SEO results with little money and some effort on your part. You can first have one of your volunteers begins a blog. You can have a blog that will get the message across about what your organization does while giving a first hand experience of one of your volunteers. You can also include content that is relevant to your organization, such as pictures of animals that you have rescued or houses that your have built. This way, there is practically a second site used to bring traffic to the organization's website. This blog will give your potential donors and new volunteers a reason to trust you and your organization.

Another trick that you can use is linking opportunities. If there is a person out there who has a website and believes in your cause, they will want to be able to link to your site from theirs. You can increase your pagerank this way and also network your site. You can exchange links, or use one way links. One way links are always much more beneficial . Find websites that are likeminded and let them know you would appreciate if they advertised your organization.

Either one of these advertising strategies can bring in more money and volunteers to your website. You can easily work less than an hour a week on either of these strategies in order to get eh word out about your organization. And everyone can help. You can have one person contacting places to do link advertising while another person writes about that week's account volunteering for you so that you can post it on the blog. It will give anyone who reads it a first hand experience. This is an easy, money-saving advertising campaign that will work.
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Jordan Mcpelt is a professional author who specializes in Non Profits and SEO for Non Profits. For more information on Non Profit SEO please visit http://www.grassroots.org
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