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Why Websites Are Important to Hotels

Jul 12, 2008
The hotel and Guest House industry in Blackpool has always been a competitive market that has thrived for many years in balance with the seaside resorts popularity across the United Kingdom providing entertainment and accommodation for thousands across the nation year in year out. Therefore the art of advertising has evolved and changed with the times to give hotels and guest houses that sense of individuality, the separation from the crowd, that cut above the rest.

Many Hotels and Guest Houses within Blackpool in this age offer different features to attract further customers to their business such as themed hotels offering an array of themed rooms and areas for the more specialist clientèle or at least people with a passion for something a little different from the norm.

Other Hotels and Guest Houses use a slightly more traditional approach whether that be with good home cooking a well stocked bar or just good friendly service that keeps tourists holidaying in Blackpool for many years to come.

However with such a number of hotels and guest houses spanning the seaside resort of Blackpool we still come down to the question of how all these businesses manage to stay competitive by keeping their existing customers and building relationships with new ones. Of course in the modern world that we live in, the internet now plays a crucial factor in this role now that apparently just over one third of hotel bookings are now done on-line.

Many people like to think of hotel websites as a shop window for their customers to take a glance around their establishment before they even get their, this can be done in a number of ways popular approaches are photo gallery's, slide shows or even virtual tours of the particular hotel or guest houses venue taking any potential customers on a tour of the the features that establishment may have to offer whether it be the bedrooms, dining area, reception and bar or cabaret lounge areas.

Of course its not just a case of simply letting customers take a look at your venue, a hotel website is also their to relay any necessary information required perhaps tariffs, special offers, dietary requests, any restrictions on bookings and especially providing contact details. Although as mentioned earlier the trend of booking on line is now a popular feature no hotel or guest house will soon be able to afford to be without.

In summary the times have changed, we live in a world where most people are computer literate whether it be for use in the workplace or simply recreation at home. With the many internet search engines on offer it is probably easier to search on line in seconds than reach for the directory and flick through arduously to the relevant section or perhaps I am one of many to become lazy in a world of technology that try's and often is successful to cater for our needs. In short I believe to now maintain a steady flow of business for any Hotel or Guest House internet advertising is now almost crucial.
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