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How to Choose the Best Website Promotion Software

Jul 12, 2008
As with any brick-and-mortar business, a successful web business takes time, dedication and hard work to build. To fully understand how the web business works, one must first understand various aspects of optimization, marketing and ranking. Due to the amount of time and research required to properly optimize a website, it often requires a well-organized team.

Fortunately, website promotion software can help in a variety of ways: from keyword density to search engine optimization and page ranking. Ultimately, a good website promotion software package can help skyrocket a website's page views. Most software promotion packages dive into things like search engine optimization, search engine marketing, article marketing, website promotion and website ranking.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the most important strategically advantageous things a webmaster can do for optimal search engine indexing. SEO is the process of configuring your HTML's META tags and properly placing keywords and keyword phrases on each page of the website. The utilization of analytical software can help pinpoint the best keywords to fully optimize a website. As a webmaster or marketer, you have specific keywords that you believe will help optimize your website. Be aware, however, that not all minds think alike. It is important to consider other points of view and website promotion software for a wider variety of keywords.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is a form of marketing that promotes online businesses or websites. Various forms of SEM include SEO, paid inclusion and paid search engine placement. The use of tools provided by search engines can help provide more visibility in search engine result pages, or SERPs. Tools such as Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter are some of the most popular SEM vendors. Research can help determine which search engine marketing strategy may benefit your website the most. Keywords, SEO, back links and other promotional tools play a large part in the success of any website.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is a quickly growing marketing strategy. Using articles to market a website, product or service is an excellent way to get more traffic to your website. Many article submission websites offer ghostwriting as an inexpensive service to all clients. Some even offer the ability to write your own article and have a professional ghostwriter rewrite it for you. The ideal article is about 500 words and descriptive, but not product-specific. Product-specific articles often come across as spam. Each article may contain an "author's resource box," which holds the author's name, website address and brief description of the website.

Website Promotion

Website promotion is more than simply getting good search engine rankings. Effective website promotion can change the way people view your website. You must make the effort to differentiate your website from similar websites. The efforts put forth for a successful website promotion campaign can mean the difference between a successful website and one that fails. Promotion techniques include SEO, SEM, informational articles and possibly a link building campaign. There is a variety of website promotion software that can help determine what is needed for specific websites to flourish.

Website Ranking

Website ranking is important! Over the years, it's been proven that most people who use search engines do not pass the second page before searching for a new keyword or phrase. Page one ranking is optimal, but page two can render favorable consequences as well. In order to achieve high rankings, several key issues must fall into place.

* The HTML and other code required to run the website must be W3 compliant.

* The website must be properly optimized for unsurpassed search engine indexing. Proper use of keywords and keyword phrases is key here.

* The website description must be compelling to readers.

* The website must prove to be popular by having quality links from other websites. This may be achieved by means of article marketing and directory submissions.

* Paid advertising on other popular, and related, websites can be an integral part of achieving high ranking and page views.

Choosing the Best Website Promotion Software

Choosing the best software is similar to choosing the best domain name for your website. Your website is as unique as you. It deserves special treatment to help you achieve your goals. Choosing the best software to fit your needs may not be as simple as purchasing the most popular. When making the decision, keep the tips in this article in mind. Every successful website needs the basics: SEO, SEM, useful information, promotion and ranking. Keep an eye out for software that will give you the most bang for the buck. Some offer keyword and META tag SEO only, while others scan your entire site and offer suggestions to improve ranking and page views.
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Chris Coleman is a Business Analyst at Capita Technologies. Capita Technologies provides web promotion services for a wide variety of clients.
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