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Jul 12, 2008
This is exactly what I did in less than 1 week to create THREE (3) unique Reports that I needed to give away for Free with my Opt-in box. Now I know I'm using this method to create a unique Information Report, however the very same methodology can be used to create your very own digital book! I taught this method to my students and they went absolutely crazy over this strategy that several of them went out and implemented it right away! Below is my STEP BY STEP process. Remember you can use this for unique Reports or eBooks.

STEP 1: Decide On Topic and Name. Your first Step is to decide on the topic and name for digital book/unique Information Report. I needed 3 unique Reports. Here are the topics and Headings: "Creating A Successful Consulting Business", "Creating A Successful Coaching Business", "Creating A Successful Seminar Business".

Keep in mind my purpose and intent here was to provide general info in the form of a unique info Report that would entice someone to opt-in and give me their first name and email address for my unique info Report. I'm using this for my blogs. Note that my Headings are pretty generic. That is just fine for right now and for the purpose of creation. I will come back and enhance these Headings to make them more persuasive later.

STEP 2: Secure rich Content Content Writer. You need someone to write these articles for you... don't try to do everything yourself. And Keep in mind it doesn't have to be perfect.... it just has to BE! Get yourself going by having someone help you. You can always come back and improve later, that's the easy part. Here are some resources: www.forums.digitalpoint.com - this is where we get our writers, www.craigslist.org - simply search for services or post an ad, www.elance.com - this is a site a lot of top marketers use.

What should you be paying per rich Content? Answer: $5.00. If it is more than this, keep looking. Also... if you are looking for a lot of articles, consider negotiating a package rate or for a long term relationship. The key here is not to mention that you need a digital book! Because then the price goes up to $1000 or higher! All you want is the info and then YOU will format it into your digital book or unique info Report.

STEP 3: Create Your Content Headings. Okay, now you need content for your digital book or unique Information Report. The way to do this is to go to your Content writer and give them the topic and a list of articles you want written. Remember these Headings will change later to be your chapter Headings... for now all the Content writer needs to know is that they are writing articles.

The articles will be about 500 words in length. It doesn't matter what order you put your request in, however the closer to your book outline you can get, the easier it is for the article writer to see the flow and make the information seem continuous. This is the flow you want. This isn't set in stone and you can always change it later. As a matter of fact I rearranged the chapters to make them make even more sense and to put them into a more logical sequence for my audience.

STEP 4: Format The rich Content. Once you get your articles back from your rich Content Content Writer (average time is 24 hours to 4 days) you are ready to put them together as chapters into your digital book or unique info Report and then format the rich Content. You can implement a few strategies here to increase the rich Content. 1) Request more articles and combine the rich Content into chapters, 2) Add your expert opinion as rich Content and supplement the info, 3) Add case studies to demonstrate the key elements of the rich Content, and 4) Add graphics, charts, tables, testimonials. All of the recommendations should be implemented to create a value and rich Content-rich product that is unique and exclusive to you.
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