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Search Engine Optimizing For Your Tampa Based Company

Jul 12, 2008
Is your Tampa based web site a static business card or is it structured as a powerful marketing tool that integrates all of your marketing efforts from both and on-line and offline basis? Is it a tool that makes you money, gains visibility, captures leads, makes sales. or does is it just another web site amongst 29 Billion other web pages on the world wide web?

It is our belief that regardless if your company is in Tampa, or in Florida, or in the United States, or really anywhere in the world, performing search engine optimization and search engine marketing functions are critical to survive in the business world. Let's look at several reasons why it is so critical to act now to position you company on the web.

Credibility Of Brand

Recent studies show that 87% of all Searches Online begin with online search. Where someone types in search term and then gets a menu of web pages ranked 1-10 on that page. These studies indicate that not only are people looking for information, products are services they are looking for companies that have appear well established. Think about yourself.... When you search for something, what do you think about the companies that show up in the first several slots in Google? If you are like most, you think highly of them.

High Degree of Trust
To quantify this trust factor, people gravitate to companies on the first page of the search engines of which Google obtains 68.6% of the search today, with Yahoo at 16.7% and MSN at 8.7% of all search. 86% of respondents state they trust Organic Search over paid search. The Internet has changed how people do business. They want to know the search engines think a lot of your site, they want to hear testimonies from satisfied customers, they want to see authoritative articles, videos and podcasts bottom line they want to know that you can be trusted. If you are not providing this level of trust on your site odds are you are losing a lot of business.

Lead Generation & Sales

In my travels, I find that most brick and mortar businesses believe that a strong web presence is only for companies that sell products online and are not that relevant for companies whose goods and services are sold strictly offline. Yet companies like construction, real estate, automobiles, home repair, dentists almost any niche you can think of, stand to significantly increase their bottom line sales when they know how to capitalize on the power of the web. In fact in today's economy, we find that by combining your offline marketing strategies with online tools such as auto responders, video, form captures etc, that can automatically capture and follow up with leads, set appointments, send out valuable information, testimonies and so forth can significantly increase your companies sales and profits.

You Are Running Out Of Time

Historically, ranking web sites highly in search engines have been reserved for either big brands like Coke and Ford but that is rapidly changing. Today, there is a a few companies like ours that are really starting to target search engine positioning for smaller companies with small budgets. What does this mean to you? It means that if you let other companies get a head start in positioning their web site, it will be 10 times more difficult (and expensive) to try and position your web site down the road. We can't encourage people enough to really start working at becoming a major player in your web market.
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Dr. Anderson is with the Tampa based, search engine optimization company   SEO Marketing Consultants.    Visit their website today to get you free report on how to  search engine optimize your company 
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