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Guarantee Your Success In An Isagenix Business With These 3 Tips

Jul 13, 2008
Ok, Isagenix is looking like a good company with excellent products and you're thinking to build a part-time home based business.

There are many important questions you must ask before you start. Your potential is limitless but is the company's? Most companies have a vision and values, which sound great, but can they and have they delivered this vision successfully?

Explosive growth since inception is rare but quite indicative of leaders' experiences and approaches.

Will there be a plan that will provide training for you and your growing distributor force? And is there marketing in place that is user friendly and can allow for recruiting leads and customers without constant knocking on doors or cold calling?

Once you've successfully answered these preliminary questions, you must consider other aspects that go into choosing a winning team.

Tip 1: Working with a team that caters to your strengths.

Not many companies can boast of producing 20 millionaires in 6 years.

Are these leaders accessible for coaching, conference calls or consultation even if you're just beginning? Weekly conference calls or access to recorded calls by other professionals indicate a company dedicated to providing outstanding tools to their associates.

Have these leaders built their business using the company's marketing strategies? What about recruiting online in today's savvy market place? Has their success come more from home meetings? Videos, audios and literature should be available for any business owner to access. This can provide you with the necessary documentation and online access that give your business credibility.

Remember that the team and its leaders are the ones that will be teaching you to build your business the same way.

Convinced about the product but not sure about the team? Then look at other teams within the company that deliver what you want.

Tip 2: International expansion should be ongoing.

If the products are of superior quality, approaching the international market should be a critical step toward expansion. Not everyone lives in North America! There should be an active international representative that seeks out new territories for growth.

In order to keep their present customers, will there be new products developed with the same consistent high quality? Having a master formulator well known in the industry adds credibility, which attracts other health professionals.

For your residual income to be constant, you need customers that consume regularly.

Tip 3: An effective marketing system and compensation plan are of paramount importance

It's true that most distributors focus their attention on simply recruiting other distributors, but does the company also aggressively market to and acquire new customers daily?

A way to achieve this is making use of the media (FOX NEWS, ABC, NBC etc) and the Internet (You Tube, Newsletters, Press Releases), to name a few.

Most of us don't like selling door to door or posting fliers on telephone poles so if the company markets on-line and off-line, this will provide you with visible tools to duplicate, although somewhat scaled down to your budget.

Using online technology can end up being the corner stone of your business. Does your sponsor have access to a proven system where learning and duplicating is without struggle and produces the desired effect?

Great companies provide a training template that can be enhanced substantially by an enterprising distributor to provide a detailed plan for training their downline.

This training should be a weekly plan of action. Good training is crucial and should also be free and accessible for you to use with your own business partners.

In the end, you won't be going into business simply for the training or the product quality, although both are very important if the compensation plan is also not worth your while. Company opportunities vary and need understanding.

Many companies have similar plans but outstanding ones offer exceptional money strategies for a lifetime of residual income.
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Marie is CEO of "The Keen Marketer" where training guidelines can be found to help any network marketer fine tune their business. She offers a free report,"How A Beginner Can Jumpstart A Successful Network Marketing Business In 5 Easy Steps". To pick it up go to: http://www.thekeenmarketer.com
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