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Aug 17, 2007
If you are an internet entrepreneur you have undoubtedly given more than a passing thought to using articles as a way to drive traffic to your site. It's a fact of life for most internet business people it is probably the least popular activity.

But there is a way to find timely, free articles for your website - without having to write them yourself and without having to pay a writer to develop them for you. By using articles in the public domain, you can access thousands of articles on a wide variety of subjects.

And here's the good part - the authors of these articles have all relinquished rights to the work and declared them part of the Public Domain.

Which means you can use them - free of charge.

What is Public Domain?

Work in the Public Domain is any work that has no claim of ownership, rights, royalties, etc., by its original author or creator. Work is generally considered to be in the Public Domain when the work is available to anyone for either business or personal use.

Content comes into the Public Domain for a number of reasons. In some cases, the original copyright has expired, and in others the author created the work with the intent that it would be part of the Public Domain. Writers do this for all kinds of reasons - from portfolio building to just plain vanity! But it's a real boon to internet businesses - if you know how to use them to your advantage.

Where to Find Them - How to Use Them

Public Domain articles are easy to find by doing a simple search on the internet. In many cases you can access thousands upon thousands of articles from one or two sites, but there are also more creative ways to find content.

One of the ways to find unique copy is to look for books in the Public Domain. By finding and altering excerpts from books in the Public Domain, you have a better chance of posting content that other businesspeople may not have found. You can do the same thing by excerpting portions of articles and newsletters, all of which are freely available and easy to find online.

Make Them Yours

One of the only drawbacks to using works in the Public Domain is that they aren't, by definition, original. You found them - and that means someone else probably has, too. And while free articles are great, boring-and-mass-produced articles aren't! The good news is that there are ways you can take advantage of these works and still make them unique to your business.

The easiest thing to do is to find a few articles on the topics specific to your purposes and then adjust them a little. You can do this by taking the main themes of the articles and reworking them into a semi-new piece, or you can "clean up" the article a little, tweaking a few words here and adding a few phrases there to make it more unique.

Optimizing Public Domain articles by seeding them with keywords specific to your business is another way to make the content unique. Doing this gives you a couple of advantages in one fell swoop - you're making the articles more unique for your business, while also using SEO content to drive more traffic to your site. It's a quick and efficient way to kill two birds with one stone!

Public Domain - The Internet's Best-Kept Secret

As internet businesses continue to grow, the demand for web-based content will only increase. By utilizing work in the Public Domain, you can ramp up your business quickly and with minimal investment.

And that means seeing a return on your investment more quickly than ever.
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John Edmond worked for many years in insurance and finance and now writes for Internet Marketing Resources. For more information on how to find public domain resources go to Public Domain Prowler
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