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Patience Will Find You the Right Job on the Web

Jul 13, 2008
The Internet is becoming increasingly popular and people use it as a communication channel. Internet is now affecting all aspects of our life that we sometimes depend so much on its technological assistance it gives. We can search for informations we want, do on-line shopping without the hassle of long lines of waiting for you turn at the counter, and even look for good jobs on the network.

Job seekers also put their resumes and personal homepages onto the network, hoping that their potential employers may see them. Job seekers post their resumes and cover letters on the Internet and there are so many organizations are coming on-line, post their available job openings to their public servers. We can see that the Internet has truly become a medium in job search and recruitment.

While personal information is asked casually during a job interview in some countries, there are others that prohibit such. In the United States, for instance, federal and state laws don't allow employers to ask questions that are irrelevant to the job being applied for by the applicants. These questions are designed to find out personal information and are seen as discriminating.

If you ever encounter a hiring manager that asks about your race, color, sex, religion, nationality, age disability or marital status, especially if he is in the United States, you may file a claim for discrimination. But before taking such a harsh action, investigate first. It could just be that the hiring manager is ignorant of the law or the intent is really not to discriminate but to find out about your capacities as a worker. If the hiring manager is discriminating on purpose, then that's the time that you should consult an attorney for proper legal action.

Career experts agree that to get a raise, you have to master the basics. It includes avoiding tardiness, working beyond office hours and being professional, among others. If you practice these things in the work place, you become a good employee and you prepare yourself for career advancement when the right opportunity comes. And of course, to get a raise, you have to talk to the people who could recommend you for such.

Supervisors are usually the right people to request for a salary increase because you work under them and they are the ones who see how efficient you are as a worker. However, talking to supervisors regarding a raise should be taken cautiously. You know you don't want your request to fall on deaf ears so make sure you bring up the topic at an ideal time such as during a performance review or when there is a promotion trend.

Resume formatting is important if you want to know how your resume looks on the receiving end, that is the prospected employee. Send it to yourself first to re-evaluate whether it is impressive or thus need enhancing, take advantage of spell-check features.

Many job sites allows you track your resumes through "Searches" & "Clicks." The "searches" reflects the number of times your resume has been returned while the "clicks" are the number of times your resume has been viewed by an employer.

You can also choose to post your resume for application purposes only that would prevent your resume from appearing in any searches made by employers, but would allow you to apply online for specific positions, which tends to be more productive anyway and also serves confidentiality for your protection from unscrupulous spam mails.
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