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Strategies to Make Online Job Hunting Worthy

Jul 13, 2008
It has been said over and over again that web skills increase a person's chance for employment. In fact, even during the job hunt stage your being a computer savvy is a plus factor. The more dexterous your hands are in front of the PC, the more jobs you could locate.

That is why web skills have become a requisite for every job seeker, particularly those who look for jobs online. These days, you just send a scanned resume to your prospective company to get scheduled for an interview and eventually land a job.

To those who are beginners in job hunting, it is highly advisable that you learn a web lesson or two.

Comparing job offers can be tough and confusing especially if we are talking about two competitive ones. There are several factors to consider when deciding between two or more job offers. Here are some of them:

1. Company name. The company's name or reputation speaks a lot about what your work experience could be. Will it be secure or fulfilling? The best is to have both.

2. Corporate culture. This refers to the quality of working habits and working relationships among employees. I say the healthier, the better.

3. Compensation package. It has to include a comprehensive medical care and plenty of leave-related benefits.

4. Promotion trends. You know you don't want to get stuck in a job for a long time and not experience growth in your career at all.

So here are some of etiquette prior to interview that will give you a good impression.

-Be on time. Always arrive at least 10 minutes early- you won't just be perceived as punctual, but you'll also have time to organize your thoughts. Before heading for the reception area, quickly swing by the restroom to fix your clothes, freshen your hair, and pop a mint.

-Cell Matters. Getting interrupted with your scandalous ring tone can ruin a perfect interview. Show your interviewer some courtesy by switching your cell phone to silent mode or by turning it off during the interview.

-Dress the part. Check the office work environment first to see if it's better to come in corporate or casual attire. Remember, no matter how laidback the office, you must look professional.

-Come Prepared. Organize your portfolio the night before your meeting and make sure it contains the following: resume, transcript, certificates and licenses, recommendation letters and any other relevant material to help you seal the deal. Don't forget to pack your purse with at least two valid ID's for security checks, extra cash in case of emergency and a reliable pen, too.

-Show Confidence. Upon meeting your interviewer be the first to offer a firm hand shake and a warm smile. Whether, it's a one-on-one or a panel interview, remember to have a good eye contact. And smile as much as possible to help build a good rapport.

The basic essential for a job-hunter is the resume that you present to the interviewer. Graduating from one of the country's best schools or having loads of work experiences isn't a guarantee that you will immediately get hired for the position you're applying for. Every company has their own competency requirements. Keep in mind that you should customize the highlights of your resume according to their needs and what you can offer best. The essentials to include are:

-Your job Objectives. Be specific and be straight to the point when identifying the kind of job you seek. Keep it one sentence short to show clarity and direction.
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