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Jul 13, 2008
Despite the slowing economy and the static job growth in many fields, there is one field that remains in-demand, if not on top. I am not talking about IT or marketing, I'm talking about the medical field. Yes, the medical profession is continuously showing signs of stability and competitiveness to the delight of the medical professionals and the new batch of medical graduates.

Just like in every job, resume is the key to getting a medical job interview. For medical professionals, a resume is like your favorite journal that contains your most current achievements, skills and trainings.

When making a medical resume, keep in mind that you are valued for your service. The way you impact the lives of people through your work is enough to attest to the richness of your character as a worker. However, the employer may not always be able to get that just by screening your resume. It is for this reason that you should see to it that your resume is detailed and well-written.

By detailed, I mean writing about your achievements and trainings, your related work experience and the responsibilities you handled. On the other hand, a well-written resume is one that is error-free and focusing on the things that are relevant to the job being applied for.

The challenge is quite a bundle when you want to choose a career that you are really passionate about and at the same time will give you a good income. It would be very helpful in your job hunting if you have knowledge about the trend in the job market. An elder care specialist is among those new jobs in the coming decade. Nowadays, Baby Boomers are resorting to assisted living facilities that are professionally operated. Unlike the nursing home in the old days, the senior communities are now enjoying luxury amenities that include fine dining, golf courts and live entertainment. In every facility there is a team of qualified elder care specialist taking care of the residents.

Because of the growth trend of the aging population there has been a simultaneous increase in the demand of products and services related to the older population. Two of the many areas that benefit from this trend are the home health care and the nursing homes. Because of this, healthcare is projected to be among the top job that will be in demand in the years to come. There may be breakthroughs in the medical technologies that will come out, but there will always be the need for healthcare services. There will be a problem only if and when politicians will lessen the licensing requirements of medical professionals which may affect the quality of trained people in the industry.

The trend today is that nurses tend to merge what they learned in Western allopathic medical care with alternative care. This alternative care may be yoga, different types of massage, nutritional therapy among others. The alternative care is fast becoming popular and the irony is that the consumers do not mind shouldering the expenses when their health insurance fails to cover the said service. It is but ideal for nurses to be providers of these alternative care since they have enough education relative to the alternative care and they have better judgment as to the safety of combining Western medicine and alternative care.
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