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Jul 13, 2008
When it comes to monetization on the Internet there are a wealth of theories, ideas, tips and techniques to get the cash flowing and the money rolling. Monetization, in a nutshell, refers to taking your virtual real estate including your websites, email lists, membership sites and article directories and transforming them into cash magnets. If you have a website that is returning more than you are paying out on a monthly basis, you know that you are doing the right thing when it comes to website monetization. When your money invested exceeds that of your profit, then you are in the red and your monetization strategy is not working.

What this all boils down to is that on the Internet, there are ways to turn virtual assets into cold, hard cash. If you are not making money from your online efforts, then you are following the path of those who have failed before you and your Internet marketing efforts will become wasted.

So, knowing this, how do you prevent this dismal outcome?

Internet assets include anything virtual: newsletters, email lists, information products, auto responders, e-books, videos, original and private label articles - essentially anything that you can sell online.

Most people would agree that if one is doing something but does not get the desired results, then continuously doing it would be pointless. With that in mind, we need to look towards changing what does not work to converting potential dollars to actual sales:

- Freebies: Consider turning your non-purchasing website visitors into buying customers who cannot wait to get their hands on your product or service. Offer an e-book or membership site with a 30 day free trial or guarantee if your prospect is indecisive. Free trials and money-back guarantees work for people sitting on the fence because they are only "trying it" and can get their money back if unsatisfied.

- Include links to other products or affiliate links beyond the main link and sales page. That way, if they are not interested in what you are offering, there is still a chance that they will be interested in something else offered in a link on a different page. You will not know what people are thinking, so giving a few more choices may covert into more sales for you.

- Make your landing pages compelling and provide a one-time offer (called an OTO) to subscribers of your newsletter. Offer it after they sign up and visit your confirmation or thank-you page.

- When you are using private label rights articles, re-create and repackage them into a report, mini-report or an e-book and brand it with your name and site name. In this way, you can offer an affiliate program, get joint venture partners with large hit lists and promote your materials in a different form.

These are just some of the ideas that you can use to improve your sales conversion rate. There are an abundance of techniques, tips and theories out there to make more money for you. What it really boils down to is thinking out of the box. Take something old, repackage it and make it new again. In this way, you will create another stream of income and revitalize the income streams that you already have going for you.
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