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Get a Great Deal When You Buy a Tanning Salon

Jul 13, 2008
If you get out there and find out what is available you may be able to buy a tanning salon for a great price. There are many reasons why they are for sale, and that can work to your advantage. It can be easier to buy a tanning salon due to all the equipment you need already being included. However, you will need to carefully assess the value of it. You may find you are going to have to pay to repair it or to replace it.

A tanning salon is a service oriented business and not everyone is able to gasp that part of it. Therefore a tanning salon may not have done well in a given location for the previous owner. That doesn't mean you can't turn it all around though. You do need to find out all you can about that location though. It could be too far out of the way for people to conveniently go tan there.

If that is the case you need to keep on looking. You aren't going to be able to change that aspect of the business. Indoor tanning has to be convenient or you aren't going to get the volume of consumers you are after. Don't settle for a location that isn't right when you attempt to buy a tanning salon. The price may be less but you won't be able to make the profits you really are looking for.

It is a good idea to check around though for the pricing on various tanning salons. You want to make sure you get a great deal. Don't pay anymore than you have to for it. In fact, if you can talk the owner down from their asking price that is even better. If they are in a situation where they must sell it then the odds are in your favor.

Of course they may be in a situation where they must get a certain amount of money for the tanning salon. They may owe for the equipment and even the building and they can't take any less than what they need to pay it all off. Still, their goal may be to simply get out from underneath it. They don't care if they make a profit in the process of selling it or not.

You need to have a good idea though of how the business works. Don't buy a tanning salon unless you are ready for what is to come with it. The best time to look for one is during the winter months. Some owners don't budget well enough so they don't have money from the busy summer set aside for winter bills.

If you have the money to invest in the winter you will have some time to get the tanning salon ready. Give it a make over and then advertise in the spring that it is under new ownership. Make sure you offer some great promotions too such as discounted prices, an open house, or a free tanning session.
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Betty P Davis writes about the ups and downs of the tanning salon business. You can read more about the rookie mistakes many new operators make by visiting Tanning Salon Gold to read more.
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