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Effectively Teach Piano Lessons

Jul 13, 2008
The gift of music is very amazing and a part of all of our lives. One of the instruments that has a lovely sound is the piano. If you know how to play it then you should consider sharing it with others. You may have children or grandchildren who enjoy hearing you play. You may be saying that you don't know how to teach piano lessons though. Still, if you are willing to try and you are patient with the students you can teach them.

There are many people out there who do teach piano lessons to people of all ages. Some of them do it as their primary job. Others are retired and do it for the fun of it. They love being able to take someone and teach them how to play anything under the sun on a piano. If you are interested in how to teach piano lessons you will find some great ideas in books an on the internet.

It is important that you can't teach someone to play the piano overnight. There has to be some structure to it. They may get frustrated along the way and you may as well. Set some goals though so you can both see how much has been accomplished. It can help keep things on a positive note when the piano lessons hit a rough patch.

One of the aspects of how to teach piano lessons isn't part of those plans though. It has to do with the individual. The students must feel comfortable or they won't be able to focus on what you are teaching them. They must feel free to explore what is going on and to make mistakes along the way. You want them to feel the music and strive to benefit from it as well.

You may not be an expert at the piano but you can help others learn it. As you have more students you will improve in your teaching style. You will also discover that each of your students is different. Therefore you may have to implement different techniques to get them to work hard. That one hour with you each week isn't going to be enough. They need to practice on a piano or a keyboard at home several hours each week as well.

If you are going to charge people for piano lessons then you need to have lesson plans written down. Most parents will want to see what the curriculum looks like before they sign up with you. They don't want to see time or money being thrown away. While you can't guarantee the results for their child you can make them feel confident that your teaching methods will work.

Make sure you evaluate your techniques for how to teach piano lessons. Encourage your students to tell you what they like and what they don't. That way you will be able to fine tune your methods. You want to continue to improve as a piano teacher just like you want each of your students to advance in their ability to play this musical instrument.
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