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Data Entry at Home - Getting Started

Jul 13, 2008
Once you have decided to make the switch from the corporate office or location to doing data entry at home, there are several factors that will help determine your success in your new endeavor.

Preparing for data entry at home can be fun and exciting, because so much depends on getting a good start to your new occupation. Chances are good that you have thought about not having to face the corporate commute rat race any more, but there are certainly other factors that you should think about to make your change of career go smoothly. Home data entry jobs offer great flexibility, and of course you have already taken that into consideration, but there are a few other things you should prepare for to avoid being taken by surprise early in the job change.


Getting started with data entry at home can provide great benefits for you. They range from more money per hour of work, to lower cost for some of the expenses of getting to and from your work place. You will also generally report more job satisfaction and a lower stress level with your new work style. There are a few disadvantages as well, but you should have reviewed both sides of the ledger before making the decision to get started. In most instances, the advantages and benefits to working at home doing data entry far outweigh the disadvantages.

Organize your space

In order to be efficient at your data entry at home work, you should set up your work space in the same careful way you would organize your desk or space at work. The things you need and use the most should be placed in such a way as to be easily accessible and well lighted. An appropriately sized table and comfortable work chair are important to keep your posture healthy. If possible, prepare a space that is separate from the rest of your home so that you can focus on the work at hand when you are doing your data entry.

Pick your Niche

Just as there are certain types of outside work that you enjoy more and are better suited to do, data entry at home has various types of work categories. With home based data entry, you have the luxury of only accepting the work that you enjoy doing and that you are most skilled at. As you gain experience, you will be free to branch out and try some additional jobs to expand your skills and to increase your marketability in the field. If you like to take frequent breaks, for instance to keep your mind clear or for health reasons, don't accept work that requires lengthy periods of focused attention.

Finding jobs

Finding jobs is relatively simple when you decide to switch to data entry at home as your main occupation. You may also just elect to work part time at data entry. Either way, there are plenty of jobs to choose from. If you use a broker, they will typically supply you with the type of data entry that you have selected. You can screen jobs by pay rate, by type of work, or by due date so that you are able to finish the assignments on time.
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