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Promotional MP3 Players Make Customers Say Y E S

Jul 13, 2008
These days, more and more companies are getting away from the regular types of promotional items and are going for items that are more technologically advanced. Keeping up with the demands of a world that isn't happy with inexpensive promotional gifts, some companies are making promotional MP3 players part of their advertising strategy.

Let's take a look at how companies are incorporating MP3 players into their marketing plans.

1. Offered as incentives during conventions

Company representatives offer them as an incentive gift for new clients and accounts when they sign up during conventions and other company gatherings.

2. Given as client gifts

MP3 players are a great client appreciation gift and steer away from the usual clocks, bottles of wine, and other types of promotional items that clients are normally given.

3. Given as employee gifts

MP3 players can also be given as employee recognition gifts, perhaps in celebration for so many years of service or for the amount of work that is done in a given period of time.

4. Offered for fund raising events

Sometimes companies will offer MP3 players if they know of a fund raising even that is coming up in their community. This is a great way to help organizations get the funds that they need and to spread the word about the company.

Why are companies going with promotional MP3 players?

1. Promotional Mp3 players are something different

The world of business is very competitive when it comes to clients and customers, and to remain on top you have to sometimes shy away from what everyone else is doing. Offering promotional MP3 players makes a company stand out and that's how you get noticed.

2. Promotional MP3 players are popular

MP3 players are hot items these days. Almost everyone has one, and those who don't have one would love to have them. They take music to a whole new level and give it a clarity that goes beyond what was thought to be possible.

3. Promtional MP3 players are an item people will use

Give someone a promotional pen with your company information on it, and they may shrug and say it's nice, then toss it in the rubbish. But give someone an MP3 player with your company logo on it and they are going to show their friends and use it frequently.

Promotional MP3 players are items that are going to revolutionize the promotion industry. Going above and beyond the normal promotional items, they are going to make their companies stand out. Companies are turning to MP3 players because:

they are different from other promotional items
they are a hot item that people are going to want and use
they appeal to people of all ages
they are keeping up with the world of technology

Promotional MP3 players aren't really that different from the CD players that companies of the past have used for promotion. It's just the corporate world keeping up and meeting with the demands of a changing world. The world is changing and you have to keep up to stay on top.
About the Author
Miles Lovegrove is director of Fluid Branding, the UK's largest supplier of Promotional MP3 Players and Branded MP3 Players at www.fluidbranding.com. For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit www.ecoincentives.com
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