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Why Are Office Building Signs Useful?

Sita Cole
Nov 10, 2013
Whether you are a brand new or fully established business, an office sign is an extremely useful feature that cannot be overlooked. Its placement, size, and design are also important considerations, but having a sign somewhere in close proximity to your location is essential. You'll naturally want to take time to have the ideal sign created by a professional company that specializes in custom signage, but before then you do, take time to explore some of the benefits associated with having a sign for your storefront or on your business property.

Signs Identify Who You Are

Signs are, perhaps, most important for identifying your business. Some may even include an image or verbiage associated with what the business does, so at their core signs are uniquely informative. Without an effective sign, your customers or clients will struggle to find you. In fact, it stands to reason that without a sign, many customers or would-be customers simply won't find your business. A sign allows a company to make its presence known so that people can readily find the business when they need to.


Your sign, of course, does more than simply provide a place mark. As people drive or pass by it, they are reminded of your name, brand, possibly your logo, and that you exist. They may not need your services for some time, but having seen your sign, they may be more apt to visit your business when they do require your services than simply doing a Google search, for example. Your sign can continually reinforce your brand and the type of business you are. You pay for your sign once, but it keeps working for you on the advertising front. In fact, the most effective signs pay for themselves by continually attracting new customers and clients to your door.

Community Landmark

Some signs like monument signs are designed to be so substantial or so unique that they become landmarks of the community or town. People refer to the sign when they give directions for instance. Such signs are powerful links between your city or town and your business. In Chicago, for instance, everyone driving West on the expressway across the city knew exactly where they were when they spotted that giant sign--a pair of red lips with Magikist listed across them towering above the expressway. It became a Chicago landmark. A great sign can go a long way to enhancing your business's success and reinforcing your brand so that when people think of a service, they automatically think about you.

Red Lips?

Certainly lips aren't the right signage for everybody, but your sign designer can work with you to create that signature sign you're after. Begin by looking at your competition. What is their signage like and how can you create something more visually powerful? Tell your designer some of your ideas so they can develop some plans that will appeal to you and your business. Your sign is a vital part of your company; be sure to take time to install signage that provides you with all the benefits that the best signs offer!
About the Author
Sita Cole has been a creative marketing manager for a number of years and she specializes in designing and creating business signs and office signs for small and large companies. Sita has worked with a range of sign manufacturing companies and highly recommends her clients to use Blue Pond Signs for office building signs. Feel free to connect with her over at Google+ for more information and question.
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