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Five Ways To Raise Money For Young Investors

Jul 14, 2008
Sometimes it seems just to hard when you are starting out on your investing career. Here are some great ways in which you can kick start your investing so you can begin sooner rather than later.

1.Sell something. You must have something around your home that you don't use any more. We buy so much junk these days you probably have plenty to get rid of. That second television that you don't watch, or even that second car that sit's in the drive. Maybe you have a spouse that sit's around doing nothing, you could sell them (just kidding).

2. Borrow money. If you have a good eye for opportunity and are great at risk management, then there is no reason why not to borrow money to invest with. As long as the return on your investment is higher than the interest you are being charged, everything will be OK. As I just mentioned, you would be best to buy into an investment that is completely protected. There are plenty of strategies around that offer complete capital protection, you just have to know where.

3. Equity. So you own your home or even part of your home. Then don't let that equity sit there doing nothing. Get a Line Of Credit against it and put that money to work hard for you. Imagine doing covered calls on a share portfolio of $100,000 every month. That will bring you in about $3500 every month for just one phone call.

4. Parents. No, they are just not there to feed you till you are 18, they are there to lend you money when you are 30 and want to invest. You'll have to go to your parents with a business proposal and to make it even more fair, you'll even offer them a percentage of the profit you make from your investment. This can be sometimes used as a last resort. If it's property you want to invest in, there is a greater chance your parents will lend you money as they can see something tangible that you are investing in.

5. Get a raise at work. This may be the quickest way for some. If you are good at your job then you can confidently walk into your bosses office and explain why it is time you were given a raise in slary. Ensure you have a list of strong and valid reasons on why you should get a hike in pay. Take the time to negotiate properly and fairly. Many people often can get a pay rise of $5000 to $15000 just by asking for it.

6. (I know, this is a bonus tip) Get a new job. If you are stuck in rut where you work now why don't you consider moving on. Do you look at the job pages often to see how much your position is worth to other companies? The right employer may be offering twice the salary that you are on now for exactly the same job. If you don't look, then you will not find it.

These are just a few ways on how to get some quick money together to help kick start your investing career. Don't feel you have to wait till you have a big cash pool before you can start investing. Often one or two thousand dollars is enough to get started with in shares and property. With Internet Marketing, you can get started with one or two hundred dollars.

Don't just talk about investing, get out there and do it now.
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