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Ways to Use the Hypercom T7 Plus, Nurit 8320, and Omni 3750

Jul 14, 2008
There are many different situations in which you may need to use a wireless terminal or other payment processing system. This article will discuss three of the most popular payment processing systems that are currently available.

The Hypercom T7 Plus has a built-in printer and features a compact, countertop design. This combo unit accepts all magnetic stripe cards and successfully delivers fast online transaction authorizations so that you won't keep your customers waiting.

The Hypercom T7 Plus also delivers receipts quickly and is ideal for many different types of businesses including boutiques, supermarkets, discount outlets, department stores, restaurants, cinema theatres, tourist centers, and more.

The Nurit 8320 Terminal was specifically designed to be used in small and medium-sized businesses that need an all-in-one terminal that can be used through landlines. This unit is totally secure and extremely reliable, so you can rest assured that your customers' information will be safe and secure.

This system is also very easy to use-you don't have to be a computer programmer in order to know how to use the Nurit 8320 terminal! This unit incorporates an internal PIN pad, a fast thermal printer, a magnetic card swipe, a high-speed modem, and a smart card reader.

The Nurit 8320 is ideal for many different types of companies including prepaid services vendors, department stores, discount outlets, supermarkets, restaurants, boutiques, and more.

The Omni 3750 unit is another system that is ideal for many different types of businesses. The unit accepts credit and debit cards as well as checks and gift cards, so you can be sure to offer your customers a wide variety of payment options.

These three units are just a few of the many payment processing systems that are available in the market.

The most popular use for these units is the retail industry. Retail shoppers require convenience, security, and flexibility, so it only makes sense that retail business owners would trust these types of payment processing systems.

These systems have also become terrific solutions for mail, phone and fax orders. These types of non face-to-face transactions require extreme security and efficiency.

If you deal with these types of transactions where the customer is not present, make sure that you go through a payment processing company that holds customer satisfaction and communication as its top priority.

The third and increasingly growing way in which these payment processing systems are used are in correlation with Internet credit card processing. Again, this type of transaction requires top security, so make sure that you go with a company that you trust.
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Wendy Moyer is an independent journalist. AmeriCard Payment is an excellent resource for purchasing the Hypercom T7 Plus, Nurit 8320, and Omni 3750 systems-further information can be found on the AmeriCard Payment website.
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