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3 Fun and Easy School Fundraising Ideas

Jul 14, 2008
Any time a school group or team wants to hold or attend a special event, there's usually fundraising that needs to be done in order to make it happen. Since so many school groups need to raise funds, the ideas need to be easy, effective, fun, and most importantly - profitable! Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling:

Friday Afternoon Popcorn Stand:

Popcorn from an old-fashioned popcorn machine is the best around and better yet, it's affordable to make. As a result, if students include a popcorn machine as part of a fundraising event, the profit margin can be impressive! Selling a bag of popcorn for just $1 per bag after school on Fridays can really help a group raise funds quickly.

The students only need to get permission to set up shop in the school common area, or wherever all the students are waiting for the bus on Friday afternoon. Then, just stand back and watch the hungry kids flock to the popcorn machine for a tasty after school snack. Students can raise funds for the group and maybe even start a new school tradition of having the popcorn machine available for business each Friday after school!


Walk-a-thons can be fun for the group and also an excellent way to meet fundraising goals. While organizing the event can take a bit of time, it's worth it in the end. Getting all the kids together and out walking as well as having them raise the pledges can be a memorable experience for them, and it's easy for all of the kids to participate.

Walk-a-thons can also be a nice event within a larger fundraising campaign. It can help give the cause publicity throughout the community as kids contact people for pledges in addition to the visibility gained when people see them walking around town during the event. Community members may become more aware of the school group's need for funds, and will hopefully follow through with donations.

Movie Night:

Holding a movie night once or twice a month can create a safe "hangout" for students and a perfect fundraising opportunity at the same time. Make the location comfortable and authentic, complete with a popcorn machine, drinks, and a candy counter. Then, pick a great (and appropriate) movie, and your ready to roll!

Members of the group can participate by staffing the "theater". Students will need to oversee the drinks, the popcorn machine and the candy counter, and there will also need to be a ticket taker, someone to show the movie, and then one or two extra people just to help out. Students also need to promote the event as well as help to make the movie choices. With a little work and student participation, hosting a movie night can easily benefit a group's fundraising efforts.

Fundraising, while a requirement for some groups, doesn't have to be drudgery nor does it have to rely on selling products no one wants. All the students can participate and have fun with interesting and easy fundraising ideas, like popcorn machines, walk-a-thons and movies. With unique fundraising ideas and a dedicated group, fundraising can be enjoyable and successful!
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