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Make Money With Search Portals

Jul 14, 2008
You can easily make extra income or residual income with search portals. All you need is a domain name and to find a good parking company. Pretty simple. These are the steps you should take in making money from a search portal:

Find a good domain name. A good domain name is usually one that has one to three good keywords in it. For a quick search on whats popular, go to Google, enter a keyword and see how many results come up. I'm not kidding! This is one of the easiest and quickest ways of finding popular keywords. If you don't already own the domain name, see if its available and or buy it on a domain registrar. Try GoDaddy, or NameCheap. *Note: You can use ANY domain name. But the people that make really good money, have really good keyword infused domain names. If you cant think of a domain name try a few domain name generators. This will be VERY helpful to you.

Once your done buying your domain name and setting it up (make sure you do the whoisguard), then you can find the parking site you want to go with. These sites are %100 free and if you see one that isn't, I suggest staying away from it. Always follow all the Terms Of Service when joining these sites. You can get deleted if you go against what they tell you. Simply park your domain and direct traffic to it. You can contact the parking company and ask them what traffic you are and aren't allowed to send. Try parking sites like Parked, Fabulous and Sedo.

Depending on a lot of different attributes, you can make anywhere from $1.00 to $1,000+ a month. It doesn't depend on just one thing. Its a multitude of things. Is the domain good enough, is the parking site good enough, are you sending quality traffic, did you pick good keywords when setting the site up, did you optimize it? Most sites will help you with setting your account up. After all if you make money, they make money!

In order to find good info on domain parking, try DigitalPointForums & NamePros, they have lots of different information and people there that will help you out. Or do a search on Google for "Domain Name Help", or "Domain Name Information." To find domain parking sites, go to Google and try search terms relevant to Parking. Try "Domain Parking", "Monetize Domains", "Park my domain."
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