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This Simple Audio and Transcription Tip Will Save You Hundreds of Dollars Over the Next Year

Jul 14, 2008
Here's the scenario:

* You have your call or presentation recorded.
* You want the audio recording cleaned up.
* You also want the call transcribed.

Here's where the big mistake comes in...

Many people don't know which order to have things done in.

Do they have the audio edited and then transcribed, or do they have it transcribed first and then edit the audio?

Well, I'm hear to tell you the best way to handle this situation. This tip will save you literally hundreds of dollars over the next year.

1. Have the recording transcribed first.

2. Then go through (or better yet - have your assistant go through) the transcription and highlight the portions that should be deleted from the audio. Do the highlighting digitally with a software like Microsoft Word.

3. Then, send the marked up transcription to your audio editor.

The reason this will save you so much money is by being specific about what needs to be taken out of the recording, your audio editor will spend less time communicating with you and less time working on your project. He or she will be able to easily locate the edit points and remove the unwanted parts without having to listen to the entire audio.

"So," you might say, "that's great and all, but what if I don't have my recorded calls and presentations transcribed."

Well, that's another big mistake people often make. They spend the money to have a presentation recorded and sometimes event edited, but they don't put in the extra money for transcription.

I'm hear to tell you that transcription can pay for itself, if you follow these steps:

1. Turn your recorded teleseminars into free or paid products. Remember to require an opt-in before you give away a free gift. With the audio, include the transcripts as a pdf eBook. This will double the value of your product and allow all types of learners to consume your content.

2. Chop up your transcript into marketing materials! Some great repurposing opportunities are blog posts, articles for submissions, press releases. You can even turn them into powerpoint presentations, lay them over the video and submit them to the viral video engines.

3. Don't do it all yourself! This one is the real kicker. The beautiful thing about recordings is that they multiply your reach and the impact you have on the world with little added effort. What would the point be of taking yourself away from your high payoff activities when you could hire someone else at a fraction of what you charge to do these things even better and faster for you?
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Caleb Scoville helps consultants, trainers, coaches and service professionals, multiply their impact with information products and audio and video online marketing strategies.

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