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Cash Gifting Marketing with Postcards and Offline Methods

Jul 14, 2008
It's no secret. Those who are receiving the most gifts are not only using the Internet as a means of reaching out to new prospects and converting them into leads, but they have an effective cash gifting direct mail campaign in place as well. While some sponsors and mentors are touting or training their members to compete with overcrowded markets online, they themselves are secretly using direct mail marketing to reach out to an ever-growing number of opportunity seekers thereby receiving large numbers of cash gifts.

I get calls all the time form people in this program wanting to know the secret to success. Many are searching online knocking their heads against the wall to get the secrets or somehow find the clues. Many who are in the know are intentionally withholding their secrets to success when someone calls them, asking for help or for tips and ideas on marketing.

For the most part, it is my opinion that these individuals have completely forgotten the true spirit of the gifting program, which is one person helping another even if the person needing help is not on their team. And what happened to No man left behind?

I am here to tell you - THERE ARE NO SECRETS! Stop looking for secrets as if someone has a magic wand totally unbeknown to you and start learning how to use direct mail advertising. There are many great books and courses on the Internet and at the library. Take some time and pick up a few books on the subject. (Email me for recommendations.) Use this article as a means to get you started and start thinking of yourself as a student of direct marketing instead of a "cash gifter".

What I am about to tell you below is a strategy that has been used over and over again to make people millionaires and to changed lives at the speed of light. The strategies below flat-out works and crushes the online competition. Don't take it lightly.

However, before you jump into this arena, you have to understand that direct mail is not something you should take lightly. For the inexperienced, you can lose a lot of money quick if you are not guided properly. That's why it's important to join with someone that has experience in direct marketing.

There are many components to running an effective offline campaign but once you understand the keys to running an effective mailing campaign, you are empowered with an unfair advantage over those who are competing with overcrowded online advertising mediums.

This is not to say that the Internet has become an ineffective way to advertise. There are tens of millions of traffic hits available for the experienced but totally unknown to those who are unaware and it has nothing to do with PPC campaigns either. Most newbies are not aware of these massive online traffic sources. (We'll save that for another time.) However, I want to confine this article to using cash gifting with offline methods such as direct mail.

For those looking for answers, I will give you the top ways direct mail is being used to run and grow a profitable gifting activity. In fact, I don't care what someone may have told you over the phone or by email, there are only three major ways to market your program offline. Please bear in mind that I am not saying there are only three ways to prospect offline, but there are three advertising strategies that highly successful cash gifters are employing at this time.

First, the most successful are Postcarding. This is exactly what it implies - simply mailing out postcards to a list of opportunity seekers looking to make extra money from home. There are many sources of mailing lists as well.

Once you find a card that catches your eye, either use a company or the "Do-it-your-self-approach". If you take this route simply print the card out and take it to your local print shop and have it replicated with your personal information such as your website and contact info and search for a list of opportunity seekers either online or in the SRDS.

The key is to use an effective, eye-catching postcard with a hot list of opportunity seekers.

The second best place to run your ads is in Nationwide Advertising. Here you can get massive classified and small space advertising at dirt-cheap discounted prices. Take a look at nationwideadvertising's website for more information. You'll be totally thrilled.

Finally, Out Bound Automated Phone Broadcasting. Although this is not using direct mail, it is a form of direct response marketing that's being used with amazing results. To use this marketing strategy, you'll have to either purchase your own autodialer or use the services of a web-based phone broadcaster. Here, you simply record the voice mail message no longer than 30-45 seconds, and upload it either into your own autodialer of a web-based company, and import your list of telephone numbers.

When ordering your numbers look for numbers that have been scrubbed against the "Do Not Call List" or DNC so you are in compliance with the privacy laws of the U.S.

The autodialer then dials out each phone number and delivers your sales message directing them to your website or to press a pre-defined number to connect with you or a phone message system. Should you use this strategy, it's good to order lists that are 31 to 60 days old and blast 1000 or so at a time. Phone dialers can rapidly deliver your message and run through your list very fast.

Word of caution: Be ready for a surge of incoming calls immediately following a phone blast.

There are many variations to use the strategies mentioned in this article. Some employ the use of all while others use on one of these methods. The most important thing to remember is to always test small before your roll out in a big way. I hope this helps.
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Merudh Patel is an online marketing entrepreneur from NJ who is studying at Rutgers University at the moment and successfully mentoring others to achieve success in internet marketing using the best online opportunity - Cash Gifting.

Visit his website: MyCashRevolution.com
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