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Banking On Your Knowledge With Ebooks

Jul 14, 2008
"One's mind, once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

The fabric of American home-based businesses is made up of a multi-colored tapestry that includes a wide range of experience. Statistics indicate that women and an aging workforce are finding a new career path in home-based businesses.

One of the primary points of sale in many home-based businesses is in the commodity of knowledge. You will find many home-based businesses providing informative reports as a bonus for purchase. Other sites will provide ebooks on a particular subject for sale.

Before you dismiss your knowledge as a selling tool you should consider the following.

One needs only look at the success of mentoring to gain a picture of the need for information on living life well. Mentoring reports, "For several hours each day, millions of children in this country are talking to, playing with, learning from and generally in the care of the adults in their after-school programs. Over time, these relationships can grow and deepen into caring connections that positively influence children's well-being."

Further, Mentoring indicates, "Caring adults represent a key component of any such efforts to help adolescents succeed in the transition to adulthood."

You may wonder what mentoring has to do with a successful home-based ebook business, and you'd be correct in asking what connection might exist.

The fact is we live in a society that is fractured and disjointed. Where once families lived primarily in one locale and those family members routinely were employed in the same occupation, today we see single parent families with little in the way of family support attempting to teach children some of the things they might need to know for the future and feeling inadequate to the task.

"Unless we think of others and do something for them, we miss one of the greatest sources of happiness." - Ray Lyman Wilbur

Essentially we are at a place in history where knowledge of things once common is now desired in many ways by those who, as adults, have come to the place where they want to fill in gaps that were missed in their formative years. Since most of this generation has a strong familiarity with the Internet, the cost effective distribution of knowledge through ebooks can assist a generation thirsty for knowledge you may have thought too common to find an audience.

The ease of automating the sale of ebook downloads makes this one of the most hands-free home-based business opportunities available. Even if you chose another home-based business the implementation of ebook sales can provide a surprising amount of residual income that does not rely on personal product fulfillment.
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