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Google Adsense: How Much Money Can You Make?

Jul 14, 2008
How much money can be made with Google Adsense? In order to answer that question you need to take into account three things.

1. How much money would you like to make?
2. How much work do you want to put in?
3. How much time do you want taking up working the Google Adsense Program?

Not many business opportunities come along which require only hard work and the time it takes to carry out the hard work. Most ventures need some kind of start up finance to move forward.

If you discover after a week your earnings are showing as nil, do not despair. Continue reading, learning and working. However, if the results are still the same one month later it may well be the right time to put some of the optimization tips you will find on the Google Adsense Support Site into implementation. Consider changing the layout, color or content of your ads to ensure they look as interesting as possible.

The sky is the limit with the Google Adsense program. You are, after all, the boss, so work hard and smartly and have fun.

What Are URL Channels and how do you organize them in Google Adsense?

URL Channels allow you to look at thorough information about the performance of your Adsense for Content pages.

Let's say you have a blog at writingup-dot-com and you also have another one at bloggerparty-dot-com. You may find it interesting as well as profitable to take a look at which one of the blogs is receiving more visits. Log in to your Adsense account and click on the link marked Adsense for Content. Move down the page until you see Channels and then click on Manage Channels. It is possible you may have to scroll up when the following page loads.

Under Manage URL Channels, type in writingup-dot-com and click on Create New Channel. Upon doing this you will immediately see writingup-dot-com in the Active URL Channels dialogue box. Now do exactly the same with bloggerparty-dot-com. You will be able to track your progress on each of the two channels. You can take a look at channel reports under the Reports tab on the Advanced Report page. Choose Adsense for Content, select the date range and then hit the Channels Data radio button. You can select any number of active channels by holding down the CTRL key. Then simply click on Display Report. It is as straightforward as that!
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