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A Short Guide to Setting up a Home Based Business

Aug 17, 2007
Setting up a home based business is easier than many people might think. The beauty of starting a business at home is that the start up cost is much, much lower than what would be required for a more traditional brick and mortar business. You do not have to worry about leasing office space and the associated utility bills that come along with it.

Many states also have different licensing standards from home business and usually charge lower fees for those working out of their home (this fee break is often only for home based businesses that are solely online--i.e. an in-home daycare does not always count). This article provides a brief overview of some of the steps necessary to take when starting a home based business.

The first thing you need to do when starting a home based business is to consider your business model. Many businesses fail because the owners did not fully plan how they were going to operate. Be sure to consider budget requirements and try to estimate income flow. This can be a very difficult step, and sometimes the numbers are way off, but it is important to try to estimate budget figures in the beginning to
avoid undesirable fiscal surprises down the road.

The next step when starting a business from home is to purchase your domain name. Do not hesitate on this step. Most good domain names have been taken already, so picking the right available domain requires some work. In fact, many home based businesses do this step before anything else. If they find that all variants of their chosen business name are already taken, some even alter the name of their company to
get a domain name that is not taken.

After securing the right domain name for your business, you need to create a website. Many home businesses do all of their commerce through their online web site, so this is an important step indeed. Having a good knowledge of web design, HTML, and web programming is a huge help in this endeavor but it is not required. It is possible to find a good web developer who can build a site for you, but expect to pay. For many home based business owners, having a sit built and maintained is the most expensive start up cost.

Opening a home based business is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. To use the famous cliche, be sure to not quit your day job until you are sure that your home based business will be profitable enough to sustain you. Nothing can beat the contentment that comes from being able to spend more time with your family or on your hobbies that opening a home business can provide.
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