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Organization Must-Know: Secrets to Teambuilding Seminar Success

Jul 14, 2008
Many people talk of building a team, performing with a team, and belonging to a team, but only a few recognize the importance of creating a fruitful team building experience and developing an efficient team.

This is when team building seminars enter the picture. Now, the question is: Do you want to make certain that your next team building will be a success?

Experts give the following advice:

Incorporate team building seminars with real work objectives.

Create an organized workplace integration process, as well as follow-up, before you set out on an adventure.

Make sure that the pleasant feelings and good results from the team building exercise carry on beyond the final activity.

Effects of Team building Seminars

If you will not focus on integration, corporate planning or team building activities will be just a temporary boost to the self-esteem and enthusiasm of employees. If planned and implemented well, your workers are bound to feel really good. Why? Because they will have the chance to know each other more and the team building activity will serve as a common experience for everyone when they go back to the workplace.

Team building activities have its downside, however. Instead of fostering good feelings about co-employees and the organization itself, employees might have feelings of cynicism toward the organization. For example, if your company gives more importance on individual accomplishments, then the team building experience will not have a long-lasting impact.

The employees will spend hours, instead, on grumbling about the energy and time spent on the team building seminar. All the discontent, criticism, and complaining will eat away energy, efficiency, and happiness from the workplace.

Now, if there will be no meaningful follow up activity, then the team building incident should have not occurred in the first place since the team building activity will cause more harm than good. The employee's trust, drive, confidence and productivity will surely be affected. People will be disillusioned if they will not see the organization improving because of the team building seminar everyone spent so much energy and time on.

Secrets to Team building Seminar Success

Team building seminar success starts way before the activity and the activity itself. Here are some noteworthy things to think of when planning a team building seminar:

A group of people should take charge of planning the seminar. This is one way of modeling the kind of behavior expected from the team building activity you will organize.

Team building seminars will be much more effective if there is integration of yearly team building activities into the overall business structure of philosophies, ideals, and practices. This structure is intended to build the idea of a team regularly.

An organization ought to pro actively practice teamwork as an employee and business strategy. Team performance then should be recognized and rewarded promptly. If this is the case, then, team building seminars can improve and help the organization move forward.

Trust, unity, and self-esteem should not be built only during team building seminars, instead everyone should be committed on team building among employees everyday in the lace of work.

A Final Note

Team building seminars, activities, exercises, meetings, and retreats have the power to bring employees a strong awareness of direction, tactics, and solutions, an intense feeling of belongingness, and sheer, calculated customer-directed values. Therefore, poorly designed and executed team building sessions will bring the opposite cynicism, low self-esteem, and a downbeat motivation. Expected results will not be seen and company growth will be greatly affected.

So, the next time you will plan a team building seminar, you know what to do.
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